Help locating a specific Bionicle Bootleg CLICK LINK FOR IMAGES

Hey! Apologies if this is the wrong place for this thread, I don’t visit this site that often. I’m looking for one of five Bionicle-esque bootlegs that include a set of articulated hands, but I have scoured the internet high and low and I can barely find any mention of them. I have a few leads, but I’m stumped as to where to go from there. I started with google image searching pictures of the sets themselves, which eventually led me to some kind of news article that had a picture of one of the sets new in box.

From there, I found the brand name 818, and continued digging around on Google until I found a blog post about another set made by the same company under the same theme. Here I learned the original franchise was named King of Glory, and the company had made a handful of sets based on it. 818 82008: Golden King of Glory Minifigs With Custom Weapons Preview

But no amount of searching for any combination of “818” or “king of glory” has yielded anywhere I can actually buy these sets. The best I got was this thing, which appears to be a King of Glory set by the same company, but in a completely different style.

I already own a pair of these hands, so I know someone made them, but I want to try and find a pair that are still on the sprue so that I can send them to someone who can resin cast or 3D print them and make them more readily available for people. I took some pictures of the hands when I first got them back in 2017- this also has some old Aliexpress links that are no longer valid, as well as the brand I originally purchased, YNYNOO:

I did some more digging and it seems like these Iron Man sets have the fabled hand pieces, too, albeit with a towball instead of a standard ball joint: 818 82198-82200: Various Iron Man Mech Builds Preview

So yeah. I know it’s a long shot considering these things are 5 years old at this point, but hopefully you guys can help a bit.


First of all - wow, that guitar build is neat. I might have to steal it. Secondly, I think those hands are copied from some fan designs. I’m unsure which but I’m pretty sure a 3D printer in the community originally designed those.

There are several 3D printable designs out there, but all the fan-made ones I’ve seen use a socket rather than a ball due to the obvious convenience that brings. Can built ones be disassembled safely? If so, 3D printing new ones should still be possible.

I’m extremely nervous about disassembling mine due to their age, the questionable quality of the plastic, the size of the joints themselves, and the fact that I only have one pair- otherwise I would just get my existing ones cast in resin. Having them still on the sprue would also make it much easier to cast, I imagine, since that’s sort of the entire idea behind a sprue.

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I’d like in one this. Boot leg bionicle parts come in colors ot made by lego yet. Heck they even have some original parts