Help Me Find Matching LEGO Hairpieces

Howdy folks,

I’m having a bit of fun recreating some of my childhood favorite Star Wars Legends book covers in LEGO. However, I’m having a bit of trouble figuring out LEGO hair pieces that match the characters in these illustrations.

I’m sure what to use for Jaina Solo (top left). Her hair is both very straight and quite voluminous.

Tenel Ka (top)'s distinctive braided red hair is also causing me trouble.

Finally, Tamith Kai’s billowing hair doesn’t look like anything I’ve ever seen in LEGO. Can you think of something?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have. I’ll be sure to share my final LEGO-ified book covers once I finish them.

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This is the closest I could find for Tamith Kai, but you would have to paint it black or photoshop the image:

Either Thorin’s hair or Bellatrix’s could work as well.

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99930 in dark brown for Jacen.

95225 in dark brown for Jaina.

15499 in dark orange for Tenel Ka.

20595 painted black for Tamith Kai.

I’ve owned most of these young jedi knights novels since I was a teenager. I got them dirt cheap at a yard sale in 2007, read them, and enjoyed them. For me, these stories are what canonically happens ~twenty years post ROTJ. YJK should have been made into a live action film series or streaming show.

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