Help Me Name A MOC... Again.

This guy used to be named Pahi, but @PahiNuva is an actual member of the community, and I don’t think it fits this character. Just like last time, you can vote for Pahi, or you could vote for other. If you choose other, reply with a name for him if you can think of one.

Information on character: This is a very old Onu-Matoran crafter who wanders the lush forests of Kindra Nui. He used to live in Onu-Koro on Mata Nui, but he was curious about the rest of the world.
At one point, he met a Ko-Matoran named Kohva, and they became friends. They got separated at one point and did not see eachother for years.
He met Hautaka and Suvi while fishing. With their help, he has reunited with his long lost friend Kohva. Hautaka, Suvi, This Dude, and Kohva form the Explorer’s Company and search the island for Ahkmou and the Kanohi Krakhaan.[poll type=multiple min=1 max=2 public=true]

  • Pahi
  • Other

Parin is the completely random name I just came up with.

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I say name him Squibble.


big foot maybe…


Best name TBH.


Gary after the Stormtrooper

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He looks like a Pouku to me.

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Pahi doesn’t really seem to fit an old Onu-Matoran. I think a better name might be something like Odik.

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excuse me?

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I like that one.

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Looks like a Turaga with the hunched head.

What paint did you use for the Rau? Looks like it’d be a good colour match for gunmetal.

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Testor’s Blazing Black Spray Enamel

omg @Hazash noticed me

I second this

Thanks. I’ll check it out.
Have I become famous or something? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Here’s a better picture of the mask for ye, @Hazash

Hmm. Now that I see it, maybe it’s not the best match. Do you have a gunmetal piece lying around to compare it to?

DI’m thinking more of on the line of Ironas, because of his shiny mask.