Help me with Gravity Falls!

Two years ago, I created a copy of the third jurnal from Gravity Falls, and it became the weirdest thing I ever do. Please, can you help me with some citeds from the journals (any one?)

I already saw the wiki page, but there exist tons of contexts that are not explicated.

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What are citeds?

I don’t think I used a good term. My translate say: cited it’s quote from the journals.

If you’re looking for for exact quotes so that you can recreate the journal, I doubt you can find much. You may be able to a copy a few pages that have been displayed in the show, but the entire thing has never been shown to my knowledge.

That is why I asked all of you for help. Maybe you can give me some page ideas…

I believe they have a published copy of the journals you can buy… if a friend has it you can copy it

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Ya know you could just buy it. I got it for Christmas and it is amazing.

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I know it, but I really wanted to feel the sentiment that I am Stanford, and I was the one who discover the misteries of Gravity Falls.

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Write about a flying bidoof who has laser eyes and a hunger for murder

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I actually think there’s something like that in the actual book.

Probably not as a bidoof is a Pokémon based off a beaver.

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I know.

Well I mean if there is a beaver with laser eyes the ability to fly and a hunger for
Death I would be surprised since I just thought of it on the fly.


Pretty sure they are in the show…

Flying beavers with laser eyes and a hunger formkillibg are not in the show, trust me I have wachted the entire thing.

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I mean certain pages

Oh my bad