Help Needed for Bionicle Fan Fiction!

Hi! I’m new to the message boards, but I’ve been coming up with a sort of extension to the Bionicle G1 story for a while. It involves an ancient Makuta who survived Terridax’s purge by having been on another planet for about 100,000 years, so it would be helpful if people could tell me about some REALLY obscure parts of G1 cannon, specifically things that pertain to the Brotherhood prior to Terridax’s uprising. Thank you to all contributors!


Alright; first of all, welcome! And you’re absolutely free to go out and take liberties with canon; if I were you, I’d consider that. There’s a lot of stories that have never been told, because of some one-off comment from Faber or Greg. :slight_smile:

That being said, if you do want to stick to canon, it’ll be a little tough; you can, but you might have to come up with some creative reasons for certain events. A little over 79,000 years before the events of The Powers that Be, or ~21,000 years after the total end of the Core War on Spherus Magna, Teridax took control over the Brotherhood and, as you were saying, sent Krika and Spiriah to kill any of the others who refused to take his side. The only one who escaped death was Miserix, who lived out the rest of his life on Artidax, only leaving when the GSR was horrifically damaged in the battle between Teridax and Mata Nui on Bara Magna.

So, there are about 21,000 years for a Makuta, one of the original 100, to get dropped off, exiled to, or maybe lost outside of the GSR and on another planet, in order to avoid the purge. The guy may have been given a special mission/destiny by the GBs or Mata Nui a la Teridax, or he could have made his way out of the robot in the same way that the Toa Metru did - by exploiting a cavity in the robot’s body and sailing or swimming through it. Maybe he got left behind when the GSR traveled to a different planet? Just a couple of ideas. Either way, man, good luck!

Thank you so much! The information will be very helpful.

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Don’t forget the OCs, every fanfic needs OCs.

In actuality, creating your own character for a fanfic isn’t that bad and might be necessary in some cases (mostly minor ones) it’s the way most of them are handled which causes them to be despised. Don’t make them seem like a slef insert, nd try to not make very character love them instantly(“Wow you’re so cool!” Said Tahu, “Have my babies!” Said Gali are examples of things you might want to avoid) and do not make it look like they do not have flaws. Those kind of characters are what we call Mary Sues.


Ask Eljay, he would know.

This is a number one thing. Try not to have Mary Sue’s and good character development

I would suggest not calling it fan fiction. I don’t really know of another word to call it, but when I read the title I didn’t want to look at this just because fan fics are often cringey

Technically that isn’t a Mary Sue. A Mary Sue is character whose actions never have any negative consequences. The world/story just warps to favor them for no good reason.What you’re actually describing is a poorly executed paragon character.