Help Needed Regarding A Mata Head and A Broken Axle

Yeah so there you go. That’s my nightmare fuel for the next four or so days…

Anyone got any suggestions as to how to remove it? I’ve already ran it under hot water for a little bit and it seems like it budged a slight bit, but I don’t think that’s got anymore give.


Try drilling a small hole, and use the bit to push it out

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oh god


get a vacuum pipe or something.


A hole in the side of the eye piece?

I would just not the axle on the brain stock anymore, sure you could find a use for it.

Try smashing it with a hammer and then going to bed and crying about it (seriously, it works, I know from experience)

Or you could just throw it out. I mean honestly I’m sure you have more than one mata head

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There’s no solution that I can think of that won’t damage the eye piece.

Hate to say it, but your best bet is to find another one or to only connect it through the back of the mouth.

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Okaaaaaay, so I’ve had this problem with other pieces with broken axles, and here’s my best advice:

You’re definitely not getting it out of there without potentially damaging the broken axle, so get yourself a pair of very pointy tweezers or a pin. You’re going to want to feel along the sides of the pin for a potential gripping point if the tweezers, or a small gap if the pin.

Tweezers can very slightly grip the sides of the axle and allow for some leverage on pulling out - it will slip 90% of the time so have patience, young one. The pin is much harder and much more time consuming, especially if you want your mata lightstalk to be scratchless.


I would use a knife or something, worked for me when an axle broke inside a mata hand

take another axle piece, put glue on the top (not to much, you dont want the axle to be stuck in there with glue) then push it into into the head. wait a few minutes to dry and the try pulling it out.

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Oh man! This is bad! This is very very very bad! Call at 911, at Lego or at Greg!

you’re done for my dude

Get a small sewing needle and get it hot by the stove. Than stab the broken axle with the needle and wait for it to get cold. Than try to pull the axle with some wiggling .


Try the above mention from @IcanfeelthePOWA. That will get it out the easiest.

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:neutral_face: Oh man oh man oh man oh man… this looks bad…
I would try all the above ideas, though this reminds me of something that happened to me once: I put a mata neck lengthwise between the side of a 2015 gearbox and put short pegs in either side… it still troubles me to this day.

Are you sure there isnt any

broken axels?

jokes aside, this is terrifying i dont know what you can do

Take a string with a drop of superglue and attach it to the broken axel, when it dries you should be able to pull it out

Crucial Update!

1000 degree needle vs bonkle worked!

Problem resolved!


THis calls for a celebration