Help Port Forwarding Things

I’ve been trying to do this on my own for a while now, but I haven’t succeeded. I want to port forward a few things from my computer, most importantly a Minecraft and Teamspeak server, and need a bit of help. I have a fairly old AT&T router so it might be a bit difficult but I would really appreciate it if someone were to DM me with some advice or something.

Are you already able to access the router menu on your browser?

Yes, I am.

I dunno what options your router has but what port forwarding options are there, if any? Is there at least a DMZ option?

Yes, there is, but the problem is that it doesn’t let you add or edit ports.

Huh that’s weird. But what about what I asked regarding the DMZ option?

There is a DMZ option.

So DMZ completely bypasses the need to port forward, however you should only have your IP set to that when you are actively playing Minecraft and stuff. If you don’t have the ability to forward specific ports at the moment, DMZ is just a good skip on having to deal with that.

OK, thank you.