Help us decipher the Okotoan language!

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Me, @John_Smith, and @Kretta. Are trying to decipher the Okotoan language that is in the online Webisodes. HELP US PLZ!!!


For anyone not in the know, go to 1:01 or thereabouts in this video. It appears to list the elemental prefixes and/or Toa.


I’ll help out, i’m a Conlanger (constructed language creator) and language junky. I’ve already been trying to figure it out my self.


We have to wait for the first real story elements (books or comics) to pop up. Thats if they ever give us the translated version (Kinda looks like a bunch of random sings for now)

uhh, no. they’re figuring this out as we’s really impressive to watch


yeup we are

Alright here’s what we know…

There are 9 symbols that are flipped upside down and repeated.
Making 18 symbols.
Then, that is repeated over and over again.

And, snippets of it have been plastered everywhere in the video. (LEGO BIONICLE - Episode 1: Prophecy of Heroes)

It may be gibberish, or maybe it isn’t. It depends if there is meaning behind them.
Maybe each symbol stands for a word. Maybe each symbol stands for a character. But, the symbols are everywhere. And, they are always in the same specific order.

‘The fact that there is a pattern also suggests a meaning.’ - @Matoro

I personally believe that this string of symbols is the Prophecy of Heroes.

Here it is:

LInk to video:

If you want you can compare the symbols yourself.


So I transcribed the prophecy from the video and here is what we got:

when times are dark and all hope seems lost the protectors must unite one from each tribe evoke the power of past and future and look to the skys for an answer when the stars align six comets will bring timeless heros to claim the masks of power and find the mask maker united the elements hold the power to defeat evil united but not one


There’s definitely a pattern there, so it’s probably not gibberish.

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So, ok. Let me correct myself…

That is the Prophecy of Heroes

I believe the string of symbols is the prayer that the Protectors send to the sky.

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The rotated symbols could be used for sounds that are similar, like D and B. or S and Z or G and P etc, also, it’s probably safe to say that the language is read Right to left. If those rotated symbols are indeed consonants.


AH! I need to correct myself, again!

Basically, there are 10 symbols that are flipped upside down and repeated. Making 20 symbols in all.


If there are only 20 symbols, then some sounds may be combined, like in Japanese Ka = か etc, where two or more sounds equal one character.


dang 46 words off the 66 in the prophecy XD

@TheAceRailgun we were thinking more along the lines of hieroglyphics were each one represents a word


Yah, but perhaps the ‘Prayer’ is a chant. The chant doesn’t have to be an English sentence… Just sayin’

For all we know it could say:
“A toothpick is a small stick of wood, plastic, bamboo, metal, bone or other substance used to remove detritus from the teeth, usually after a meal. A toothpick usually has one or two sharp ends to insert between teeth. They can come in both wood and plastic, and can also be used for picking up small appetizers (like cheese cubes or olives) or as a cocktail stick.”


GUYS!!! big news the mask of creation has the same pattern of markings!

Just for reference and analysis, here’s the MoC:


Interesting, are they in the same order, or a similar order to something on Kretta’s chart?

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yes they are…

Yes, I’ve been comparing, and, well, it seems I may have drawn a symbol wrong, but it’s written that way in the animations.

If it turns out that it is written wrong then we only have 19 symbols.