Help with installing a Minecraft map

UPD. The topic is closed. The map was installed after re-downloading the files from the google drive.

I recently returned to playing minecraft and decided to look at something related to Bionicle in it, and the first thing I remembered was the Metru Nui map.

The download link goes to Google Drive. I have never had to download maps in this way and therefore I have no idea how to install it.

At first, I downloaded all the folders and files one by one and loaded them into %appdata% /.minecraft/saves/[map name]. After the failure, I noticed that all my worlds have a “.zip” archive, and I decided to create the same archive for all folders and files from the google drive - and that didn’t help either.

I would be grateful for any help.

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I’m not a tech savvy guy but I think .zip means the files are compressed and thus have to be “extracted” which I think opens up all the contents. I have downloaded video games over Google Drive and that is often what I had to do. The files are compressed as they couldn’t fit in Drives format otherwise. I suppose your best bet would be to search a tutorial that explains exporting Minecraft Maps from such a format.

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What you need to do is create a new folder (under any name) in the saves directory, and move all files from inside the zip into this new folder. You can open zip files by right clicking, choosing “open with…” and “Windows Explorer”. Mac has a built-in zip archive opener iirc.


Thanks for taking the time for me, but this is also isn’t working.

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So which stage did you get up to? Is it the unzipped that is not working or another step?

Sorry that I did not reply for a while. I am now at the stage at which all files, folders and archives are located as stated in all instructions, and when I enter minecraft, I do not see the map in the list of worlds.

Is it way at the bottom of the maps list? That happens sometimes. If not, have you redownloaded it and tried again?

Every time I enter, I scroll through the entire list and do not see the map. And then I try again to repeat all the installation steps.

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