Help with my YouTube Channel

Hello everyone,

I’m the owner of a YouTube channel called “ToaMataNui1”, a channel that has 65 subscribers as of this writing. I made this channel on a brand account tied to my main email account. I have three YouTube channels tied to my account, one on my main email and 2 on brand accounts. I’m able to access my other brand account and my main channel linked directly to my Gmail without any issue, but when it comes to this particular brand account in question, I have to sign in to my Gmail separately, and then it says your account isn’t verified. It asks for a phone number to send a verification code, but it’s weird because when I had access to my account, I completed two step verification which allowed me to make custom thumbnails. So I entered the phone number, but I never got a verification code. I went to to see my account, and I went to brand accounts. I looked at my two brand accounts, and one of them had the regular system profile picture of a B on an orange background, while the other brand account (the one tied to my channel) had the “disabled account” profile picture (the one with the gray person and a slash through the person), which led me to believe that the account tied to my channel must have been disabled or deleted. But that’s also weird because I’m receiving email notifications to my main account when someone comments on a video belonging to my channel or subscribes to my channel. Also, in YouTube, when I click on my icon at the top right, it shows my three accounts, two of which I’m able to switch between without issue. But when I try to switch into my “ToaMataNui1” channel, the sign in and “not verified” issue comes. I’ve tried to access it multiple times, but it did not work.

Can someone please help me, and if it is possible, can you provide YouTube Support’s email address so I can contact them directly?

Anyone’s help is much appreciated!

I also posted this on the YouTube Help forum, but no one replied :sob:

Please help, I’m desperate

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wait what am I supposed to do

Probably best to contact Youtube support about this one. If I’m being honest there isn’t much that we could do to help I’m afraid.

Have you resolved the issue?

No, I’ve been busy with school work and all, and YouTube isn’t really my first priority right now.

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