Help with printing removal (WARNING: NON-PURIST)

I have wanted to remove the printing from my trans-green HF 3.0 nameplates, but I never really got around to it. I decided tonight to give it a shot. I have tried everything I could find. The only thing that could work is the old eraser trick. So far I am about a seventh done with the first of five. Any suggestions?


Have you tried nail polish remover?

I have learned that you must exercise caution when using the Polish of nai-el. In other words, acetone damages the plastic. I have no non-acetone nail polish remover. So there’s that.


I suppose Google can always turn up a few good results. For the life of me I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who uses Bing…

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That’s the thing. I’ve been googling it for the last hour. All the info seems to be on forums. Whenever helpful information begins to show up, the topic dies.

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I used rubbing alcohol once, to make a completely white clone trooper. The funny thing is that I was looking for him today, and as soon as I moved the arms, it cracked…


I typically use rubbing alcohol to remove paint from transformers figures. You have to work slowly and make sure you don’t use too much or else you risk damaging the plastic. You might be able to do the same for Lego pieces.

I might try that if I can get my hands on some rubbing alcohol, but that might be hard with my lack of funds.

most drug stores have it.

Thanks, but for the time being, does anyone have any household alternatives that might work?

I’d stick to using an eraser to remove the printing. There is a metal polisher called Brasso that you can get pretty much anywhere for cheap that removes lego prints very quickly, but because of how strong it is, I wouldn’t recommend it for translucent parts. I’ve used it in the past and it leaves streaks, weakens the part, and dulls the color.

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Have you tried the Pol-ish remover of Na-Il?

(Nail Polish remover is super great to remove printing. It contains Acetone, which dissolves cell ink, which Lego uses. Acetone is so strong that it can even remove the pigment of your skin and clothes, nail polish has a weaker form that is safer to use)

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YOu could try using those weird paint eraser things

I used nail polish remover on 2 trans green pieces from savage planet but they always end up looking cloudy :confused:

Alcohol makes them not look as cloudy, but it look A LOT of effort to scrub 'em off with alcohol alone. My arms are aching and my fingers are all stiff because I put all my strength into it. Even my eyes are tearing up from 20 whole minutes of brute force