Helryx (BIONICLE Canon Contest #1: The First)

Here’s my entry for Helryx in the Canonization contest. This moc contains 127 pieces. Sorry that the picture quality isn’t the greatest, but it’s what I could do. In future contests I’ll try to figure out a better way to photograph.

The mace

The shield

bushings and technic bits in the neck

The arm

How the shield connects to the arm

Inside the mace

Greg has stated that Helryx somewhat resembles a mata build. As such, I used a mata torso as the core of my build, as well as mata feet. I was able to make it tall enough so it fell around the 9 inch size of canister figures. I also made technic elements more prevalent, notably in the upper arms and lower legs, as well as including a gear despite there being no gear function.The lower legs in particular I left rather gappy in order to fit with her frail description.

I was able to do something that I rather liked with the arms. Using a blue hordika forearm, I was able to connect it with a gear in the arm which turns as the arm bends. In addition to adding a bit more friction to the pin which supports the arm, I find it to look pretty cool when the arm is moved.

As far as her color scheme, I went with almost entirely mata blue. As the first toa, the great beings likely didn’t bother giving her a terribly fancy color scheme. Seeing as Gali, another early toa of water, had a mata blue color scheme, I decided that she likely had mata blue as well. I threw some black in there as well to both match the technic elements needed for her build, and to just give a bit more to her look overall. I used a kakama as a placeholder mask since that’s a separate part of the contest.

I hope you like my moc, and I hope you consider voting for it to help make it canon. Thank you to TTV and Greg Farshtey for having these contests.


That mace is enormous (not saying that’s a bad thing, though - kinda works for Helryx to be so thin and yet effortlessly wield something of that weight).

The weapons for this are my favourite renditions so far, especially the gunmetal shield.

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Thank you!