Helryx (BIONICLE Canon Contest #1: The First)

Helryx was an ancient, war torn Toa who carried a mace and a shield. She was to the BIONICLE universe what Judi Dench’s M is to the James Bond universe, a fierce and capable leader willing to strive for her vision of the greater good, no matter the cost.

On to the moc, this project started by emulating a Mata torso with the Town Jr. trike element. The small fenders do a good job of faking a gearbox housing. The mask is structured around an inverted and reversed triceratops head to give it an emaciated look. The gray pieces represent worn armor. Mata limbs were chosen to represent an organically decomposed, mechanical look like the original Toa. This moc fits in nicely with those characters, being the same height as Onua. The hunchbacked design is a stylistic choice I made, since I always imagined Helryx looking that way in the story serials. Anyway, the moc is finally finished and I hope you enjoy it.









Now this is impressive.

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I was hoping one of these entries would go for a Mata-style look. Glad you went with it because I think it works. Might be a bit bulky but that’s probably a price you pay for the detail. As always, you have a unique way of utilizing pieces to create facial features.


This might be the most technically impressive entry. The system integration is beautiful, and the rib cage adds to the aged look. The mace is also good, the connection you created makes it look much better than most entries using the morning star pieces. The mask is also an exemplary instance of NPU.


Amazing job!

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I mean, that head is just insane. Awesome job.


That mask is genius, I’ll have to try my hand at building a custom tribal mask now. It’s seriously too cool how you integrated all of those obscure parts, and not just in the mask- the tricycle in the torso is an inspired bit of parts usage.

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