Helryx (BIONICLE Canon Contest #1: The First)

Since my first attempt was disqualified due to the little number of pictures, I took some time to rethink and fire up my unused Flickr acc (since new members can only add 3 pics).

Helryx front | ToaFeliax | Flickr (w/o weapon)
Helryx weapons front | ToaFeliax | Flickr (w/ weapon)

Helryx back | ToaFeliax | Flickr (w/o weapon)
Helryx weapons back | ToaFeliax | Flickr (w/ weapon)

Helryx side | ToaFeliax | Flickr (w/o weapon)
Helryx side 2 | ToaFeliax | Flickr (w/o weapon)
Helryx weapons side2 | ToaFeliax | Flickr (w/ weapon)
Helryx weapons side 1 | ToaFeliax | Flickr (w/ weapon)



Helryx detail 1 | ToaFeliax | Flickr (chest)
Helryx detail 2 | ToaFeliax | Flickr (shield mounting)
Helryx detail 3 | ToaFeliax | Flickr (arm)
Helryx detail 4 | ToaFeliax | Flickr (leg; the front gear is held there by friction)
Helryx weapons detail | ToaFeliax | Flickr (weapons)


My favorite parts are that you used Roboriders pieces on the legs (it’ll be funny if the first non-Bionicle piece canonized from these contests is old Technic, rather than CCBS), and the Vahki head in the chest. The gears are also a nice touch, they really tie it all together.

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Thank you for the feedback! I believe numerous old technic parts are canon already, but I’m not sure which ones though. The Dark Hunters and Rahi feature plenty of them.

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