Helryx (Canon Contest #1: The First)

Action Pose


Left side

Right Side


Front (No Weapons)

And another Action Pose

My entry for the first TTV Bionicle canonization contest. I took inspiration from both the Toa Mata and Krakua for her design, using mostly early 2000s Technic and Bionicle parts. I tried to capture some of the ribbed textures and gear features of the Mata in her build, however she does not have any actual gear functions.

It’s all real LEGO. The only obscure items are the blue and black bushings. The black ones were available in the 2000s in a few Technic sets, while the blue ones are from a very small number of sets back in 2000.

I’ve only recently gotten back into MOCing so it was fun to have some inspiration from the contest to help me build something!

Brickshelf Gallery when public.

Breakdown photos can be see below:

Breakdown Arms

Breakdown Legs

Breakdown Body 1

Breakdown Body 2



All your images are Broken, so I can’t really see it…

I guess brickshelf is finicky with showing images on the boards, I went ahead and hyperlinked them instead. Thanks for the heads up!

Excellent, truly a small build that packs a big punch, especially in the torso! Although, I’ve got to ask, what set included the light blue Throwbot feet? Those would’ve come in handy for my entry.

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Thanks, I appreciate the comment! I was trying for something a bit smaller so I’m glad you noticed that haha. The two I used here came from the Nui-Jaga and the Technic Super Battle Droid I believe, got one from each of those sets.