Helryx: Combo Model Edition (Canon Contest #1 | The First)

hello im slime and i made a combo model for the canon contest

this is a combo of Mistika Gali, Mistika Tahu, and Bitil

the reason i chose those three is because they were all 2008, the year helryx was really introduced as a character

weird that none of the sources mention that helryx had a special ghost blaster




breakdown 1

breakdown 2

breakdown 3

breakdown 4

oh and if youre wondering about that blue thigh piece, this

should answer your question
(aka didnt have time to order a new one)
if for some bizarre reason this gets chosen or whatever i’ll take a better set of instruction pics with 100% accurate parts

until then use your imagination



Crazy how helryx had a ghost blaster the whole time and no one ever mentioned it…

I really like this! Super cool idea and really well executed.

It even matches trinuma which is pretty nifty


You are a brave man, Slime.


I really like that you made it a como model (like several members of the order are), while still making it look good

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You made a combo model entry of Inika-build sets, with the wrong pieces, and didn’t even fit the canon description?
That… was a Mistika.

(Okay, jokes aside this is actually kinda cool, I love that mace design especially)


Thanks for entering!

Super clever idea, however before we can accept it we will ask for one more breakdown photo. Helryx without her weapons isn’t really a breakdown, it’s just Helryx… without her weapons. =P

Thank you!

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:heavy_check_mark: Has armor that Takanuva would have never seen before.
:heavy_check_mark: Weapons are correct.
:heavy_check_mark: Look at that broken joint piece and tell me that ISN’T frail? Joking aside, the limbs are pretty thin for the legs at least. Her hunch even implies quite a bit of age.

I’d argue this fits the canon description adequately. That, and making it out of 2008 pieces makes this, IMO, one of the more faithful adaptions to how Helryx should have been envisioned when her character was first written.


I was mainly referring to the never-mentioned Nynrah Ghost Blaster.
But it was part of a joke anyway, don’t take it too seriously.


you broke it down too much. Discounting the breakdown of the plastic molding process of course.


The idea of her being a combo model is really neat, not to mention that the moc itself just looks good.

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This is absolutely genius. Mad props. Even if this doesn’t win, you should make instructions!

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thanks lj, edited with another breakdown pic, hopefully that is sufficient


The Combo-man Slime, back with a clever creation for the contest. I think the best part is, while a combo using limited parts, it does the job of having a unique build as well as familiar connections. Weapons are a bit funky, but I guess that’s part of the gig in the spirit of remixing official sets.


I don’t have the guts to disassemble my 08 sets, let alone MOC with them

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