Helryx Entry (Bionicle Canon Contest #1: The First)

Here’s my Toa Helryx entry for the Bionicle Canon Contest. This version of Helryx is supposed to be her during her prime. My intention was combining old bionicle elements with contemporary ones. Something that calls back to 2001, but complements sets from 2006-08.

Front View

Back View

Spike Mace & Shield

The rest of the photos are linked here:

Helryx Entry (Bionicle Canon Contest #1: The First)

All support and feedback is greatly appreciated. Good luck to all the other entries!

Cool mace, love the limb design, how movable is the waist?

Thank you! It moves 360 degrees if desired.

Huh. It seems as though I somehow missed a lot of Helryx contest entries.

This is a really solid moc!

Also, it’s kind of interesting that this moc’s mask coincidentally greatly resembles Helryx’s canon mask (Ruru-like design with two tubes coming out and going behind the body)


Thanks for stopping by and leaving feeback! The mask does kind of resemble the canon mask now that you mention it.

I don’t think my submission was accepted because I never saw it in the polls, but it was still fun to participate.