Helryx: first daughter of Mata Nui (canon contest #1: the first)

Helryx has been said to likely have a build “similar to a Mata Build”. But she also had armor Takanuva didn’t recognize, yet he still knew she was a Toa.
With that in mind, I wanted a build that was similar to a Mata Build, but different – different enough to where you wouldn’t ping it as a variant of the Mata Build at first glance, but if someone told you that’s what it was, you’d see the similarities easily. Her armor, however, would be different from the Toa Mata entirely.

With all that in mind, I built… this.

(The mask is simply a placeholder, of course – I only used it because I wanted a translucent mask, and it was this or the Ruru.)

Right side:

wrong side

Nyran shot

As you can see, I went for a highlight of yellow from the back.

Action pose

Also: I like the idea of weapon storage on MOCs, so I gave mine weapon storage.

Here’s a comparison of the leg design to a Mata Leg. The foot, in particular, is a close replication.

As a fun little added bonus, I included a blue pin on the back, allowing her to use her foot as a gun.

This need not be canon as something Helryx can do, I just found it to be a cool play feature.

Breakdown Photos!




Left arm

Right arm

And, that’s all. This was fun to build, and I’m glad to participate in this contest.


Love those custom feet.


Those feet and the mace are both great.

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“Wrong side” lol, the custom feet are really clever!