Helryx (First draft/WIP)

A first pass at a Helryx MOC I made a little too late to be ready for the first Canonisation Contest. She’s essentially a first draft of a Knights Kingdom style gearbox I made, with quick arms, legs and head attached. I ran out of time trying to slim the mechanism down before the deadline, technic functions aren’t my strong suit.

The mace is a design I’ve had floating around for a long while.


Love the use of gear functions I always liked the thought of Mocs being form and function. The left arm twist is a cool addition.


I like it! Perhaps we can see a shot of her without the cape?

I’m afraid not, sorry. She was disassembled a while back.

This is amazing! I really like the function you chose and the fact that you were able to integrate it into the build. The MOC has great aesthetics as well. Great job, Gringat!