Helryx, first of the Toa - Contest entry


Obvious the mask is kinda garbage but that’s what the artwork is for later :slight_smile:
I went for the “Takanuva description” of Helryx. Battle-damaged armor the likes of which someone like Takanuva would have never seen. I thought the Skull Warrior chest would help achieve this effect with its scratches and blue highlights.

I put a personal spin on her mace weapon, in that this one is supposed to be made entirely out of water and/or liquid protodermis. I’m sure you can imagine the benefits and disadvantages this might have in combat.

All the required images I have uploaded to this imgur gallery.


Hmmmm…I see a lot of super battle droid parts…the trans red in the shield looks off. Very unique colour scheme.


Of course you would use a Galidor part somewhere.
It works, though, so props for that.

what are you talking about

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Who’s a Galidor. q:

Why’s there a cheeseburger here. Go away, I didn’t invite you!

Edit: the cheeseburger invited itself.


Very cool and unique concept! I enjoy how you managed to make it look alien by using parts from so many eras of Constraction, while the metallic blue pieces and the brilliant shield design still seem to suggest that it could have been released somewhere in the mid 2000’s. Nice! :smiley:


Personally, I cannot imagine it being a winning entry, but I do have to aplaud you for the use of Ben10 and Galidor pieces :slight_smile:

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Gee thanks!

■■■■■■, lol. Here I thought I had a unique idea by planning to use metal blue for my helryx… rip. At least my build design plan is vastly different from yours.

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Really enjoy the use of ben 10 parts here! The mace is a good idea as well