Helryx, first of the Toa, master of the order (BIONICLE Canon Contest #1: The First)

This is my entry into the first canonization contest.

While digital, my entry exclusively makes use of official lego pieces and colors, save for the mask*.

I attempted to incorporate this idea that she is thin and frail not simply into her build (the bone thin abdomen, exposed silver and technic details), but into her fighting style, as a warrior of unmatched skill and dexterity

While a mace would usually be a brutal, bludgeoning weapon, my depiction of Helryx used a more reserved and refined version of the weapon. in her prime, Helryx would strike with harrowing precision into the core of the enemy as she dodged and parried their blows. after enduring eons of battle however, her mace remains as a symbol of
her past, of her past strength, of her past deeds. should anyone challenge her, or attempt to hurt the world she holds dear however, one may discover that the echoes of this fighting style still left in helryx are as dangrerous as ever.

As this depiction dodges most of the enemies blows, appearing to gracefully glide across the battlefield. her shield is mainly used to parry and deflect blows rather than absorb them. her comparatively restrained and small weapons, combined with her frail stature can lead foes to mistake her for an easy target, a mistake she often uses to deadly effect.

*I am using KhingK’s great mask of psychometry, availiable here on thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3265591

This is a link to my file, I apologise for forgetting it earlier:


I like the mace and the shield. Very Maori-like.


The degree to which she’s skinny genuinely has me seriously questioning her ability to stay alive after a mild breeze.


no need to dodge blows to the chest when there is no chest though, guess that’s a plus


In my opinion, too tall, a bit too spindly, but I get why it’s like that. Not a fan of the mace, but MY WORD, THAT SHIELD, THOUGH. *that *, right there, is her shield. Most of the Mocs I’ve seen so far have shields that are exorbitant, and far too massive and complex to be practical. You, sir or ma’am, have nailed what Helryx’ shield should be: simple, practical, with a tried-and-true aesthetic.
I can’t imagine it seems like a compliment to be told I only like one point of your creation, but consider that I’ve viewed every entry prior to yours, and you have perfectedan aspect of the character I don’t think anyone else has.


Hey, thanks for entering!

We can not accept this entry until a link to the MOC file is provided in the first post of the topic, alongside the entry. Once that has been done, we’ll be able to accept it.

Thank you!

Hello! sorry, I forgot that earlier. a link to It is now up!

While this doesn’t count in the actual submission, I made an extremely minor mod to make her… slightly less comically thin:

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This moc almost seems… flat. Like there’s no dimensions to anything. The side views highlight this best. Maybe it’s how spindly it is, but I can’t quite place what feels so off about it. Detailing looks great though.


I think it’s the height. If the creator could compact the torso and shorten the legs, it would still be thin, without being Slendertoa.

I still don’t like the mace, but tour would be my top vote over all the others I’ve seen.

This is a great build but she looks WAYYY too big, and I think the legs look way too big as well. Just small nitpicks, but personally I think she should be shorter.

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as someone who mostly had CCBS (one of the reasons I ended up using studio), I had issues keeping the detailling consistent while having normal proportions, and ended up going a bit far on the lanky side. she was partly inspired by the orphan of kos from bloodborne, but that kind of got overshadowed as the build went on