Helryx, Genesis of the Toa (Canon Contest #1: The First)

Helryx, Toa of Water
Misplaced my good camera, had to make do with one with no focus but I hope it turned out alright.

Her legs take inspiration from Krakua, the first OoMN member we saw and first canon fan-made Toa. Felt pretty fitting. Most of her body is Technic, which is my interpretation of a “Mata-like build”, and very basic armor that I feel gives off a frail air without being downright scrawny.
Mask is purely a placeholder, and wow is it hard to make a custom mace without going overboard.


Thank you for entering!

We do require one more breakdown photo. Please submit it before the deadline. Thank you.

Donezo, friendo
Looks like my phone takes better pics than my camera though, shoot
Edit: hope it’s cool I added a few better quality pics before the deadline

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