Helryx, Leader of the Order of Mata Nui [Canon Contest #1: The First]

Helryx, the first toa, and the leader of the Order of Mata-Nui. I always imagined her as a tough, armored warrior, who stands tall and makes the hard choices. The biggest offense to the source material is probably her color scheme, but I feel like the white and orange really brings out the intensity of her personality.

For her weapons, I went with a flanged mace to shake things up a little. It still has spikes, so I think it counts. The shield was something I struggled with, because I wanted it to be big and solid, but she still needed to actually be able to hold and pose with it. This is still a little too heavy, but I really love the way it looks.

Speaking of poses, here’s a few of those!

Here are the deconstruction photos, starting with the full body.

This is a closer look at the upper leg.

And here are the hips.

Good luck to all the other entrants and may the best moc win!


I like the more unique color scheme you gave the MOC!

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This is such a unique design that really stands out against the wave of same-y Mocs we’ve been getting. The colour scheme really pops with all the neon orange.


I’m not sure about canonicity of your version of Helryx, but it’s a great figure on it’s own! (The frame is amazing, seems very articulate)
Now I’m considering to build something like that:)

It’s a standout MOC to be sure, and the color scheme is quite striking. Ultimately I didn’t vote this MOC mostly for one reason- the hand boobs. They look way too organic to fit a Toa.

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The color scheme of this one is too bold for my liking, but it’s nicely done as a build. I really like the way you’ve made the hips especially. I’m not sure the rear is really necessary, but I applaud you on making the chest comparatively smaller: it looks more natural and works well with the beautiful shaping you’ve created.