Helryx MoC

Just a fairly simple MoC I created to see if I could translate what I was thinking into bricks. The end result... ehh. I have done better. But I still like it. How about all y'all?

Helryx after being forced to wear the Avohkii of Shadow

Helryx after succumbing to the Inner Darkness

"Poster" shot


Well, she certainly looks like the no-nonsence Toa of Water I imagined, i'll give you that.


'Tis cool.

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Not too familiar with the source material but it seems to be a pretty sturdy build. One minor gripe: the neck on the first version seems a bit too spindly IMO.

Well, Takanuva described her as ''indescribably ancient and disturbingly frail in appearance.'' so, to me, it seems a bit too buff to be Helryx, it's a good MOC, don't get me wrong, but it's not what I pictured her to be.

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I realized that after I took the pictures. I fixed it by putting a dark blue hand (like from 08 Gali) behind the neck.

Not quite how I imagined her... Like, at all!
Looks pretty good though!

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