Helryx redesign v2

This is my second redesign for Toa Helryx. This one is more of a base I’ll use for when I have the parts. This one is a mix between my previous design and the canon moc.
Mask was designed by @gen.make. I felt that their noble version of her mask was more appropriate for the technic style in this design. I want the actual moc to be very technic, especially with a custom torso and legs.

This one is more ideal because I give it rust details.

And here’s the old redesign in comparison.

Let me know what you think.


I like the previous version but it definitely was too bulky for the character. That being said the new version could do with armour on top of the vahki piece and perhaps shorter arms? I definitely like that noble mask better. As to rust maybe add some little scratches to make the spots seem less jarring. Overall a nice interpretation!

Edit: might as well ask what app do you use? I might have asked this before but I’d like to know as your drawings always look great :smile:


Thx @Axelford , I use Ibis Paint X for all my digital art.
Also I flip the canvas a lot to check for errors in proportion.


UPDATE: lower arms were shortened and replaced with more technic pieces. Armor from the first redesign was added to the hip.

Rust version:

Let me know what you think.


Nice, I like the mask. the left foot looks wider than the other one, also the fact that the only shading is done only on the left arm is kinda wierd, maybe olor it in like normal and have no shadows or put some more shadows on the rest of the body

Got it.