Helryx, the Battle-Hardened.

Felt I would try my hand at drawing Bendy Helryx in a more serious light, taking some cues from the Miramax films as well as the BIONICLE comics. This is more of a rough sketch, but I will evidently try to draw a digital version when the drawing contest comes around!

(I still support Galva’s MOC, but frankly I am loving the artwork coming out of bendy Helryx and wanted to be part of that. Also, this is relieving stress from Poll Doce!)

Comments and Critiques are appreciated!


I love the angle you’ve drawn the mask at- looking down at whoever’s unfortunate enough to get the business end of her mace ha.

I have to encourage you to try a more dynamic pose next time- but i’ve had a lot of trouble doing that myself… Still! I like the way you did the thighs as well, feminine but not sexualized.


I definitely have been trying to work on that. When the actual art contest comes around, I’ll certainly try to make something a lot more cooler.

I’m confused on the order of the contest events: are we doing mask first or artwork first? I feel mask would be better first so we can make the artwork have a corresponding mask.

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I dunno! I’m trying to step back and just quietly enjoy things as they happen.

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Concept art update. I am trying to make my own Mask of Pscyhometry and it evolved into me drawing some more comic stuff.