Helryx: The First Toa (Canon Contest #1 Entry)

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First time poster! Here’s my entry for the Helryx canon MOC contest.

This is my first completed MOC in years and I’m pretty happy with her. I tried to emulate some of the designs of classic Titan sets while incorporating elements of the original 2001-03 aesthetic.

Headcanon: The protodermis tubes help stabilize her waning frame, and her mace has been extended into a war hammer that she has grown to lean on in her old age. Beware: she still packs a mean punch. Her ancient Mask of Telemetry served as the model for future Masks of Elemental Energy, artifacts that she and Artakha crafted and employed in the training of the Toa Mata. Her legs have been bolstered by Artakhan modifications following brutal injuries attained in the old wars of the Order.

Front Torso detail | Back Torso detail | Mace arm detail | Shield arm detail | Leg detail
Helryx with Takanuva | Helryx with young Tahu | Family photo

Good luck to all contestants! You guys have really done a great job energizing the Bionicle community out of hibernation!

Mask Credit: 3D model available for free download
Full credit to Forge of the Mask Makers on Shapeways for the physical Kanohi


Holy… I don’t know how, but you managed to make her look frail yet super-tough at the same time!! Awesome work dude :smiley: Also the tubes on the back - actually, the whole back - is just a masterclass in shaping! Probably my personal favourite thus far :heart_eyes:


Hey, thank you for entering!

Unfortunately, the Brickshelf gallery is not yet public, and until we can verify all the required photos are there, we can not accept it just yet. Additionally, we will need a link to the free source of the mask provided in the first post.

Thank you!

The original post has been updated. Thanks for the reminders. =)

Hopefully gallery will load publicly in the next day or so (Brickshelf is old and notoriously slow).

I really like how the torso actually looks similar in shape to that of the Toa Mata, though different enough, of course, due to the custom build. Very nice work!