Helryx, The First Toa (Contest Entry), Boneheads version

And here is the link showcasing how it was built, part numbers listed and all:

Mask that was used:


Interesting take! Having Helryx be inspired by the Boneheads concept certainly fits her description as the first Toa ever created!


This is such a unique and inventive concept!

You should find a way to expand that GIF of the gear function, because I really think it adds to the MOC.

Normally I’m not a big fan of that particular mask design, but the simplicity, the rough look of the print, and your paint job actually add to the prototype Boneheads look. I know the mask isn’t being judged in this contest, but for this MOC it really works.

The build itself screams G1 as well. The shield is also particularly appealing in shape.

Really nice job! One of my new favorites for sure!


Thanks, and it definitely does

@Pakari I’ll do what I can to expand the gif for sure. And I am glad you like it

Hey, thank you for entering!

Unfortunately, we can’t quite accept this yet. We do need a link to a free source for the mask, and not the Shapeways link.

As for the video, we’ve discussed it and we’re allowing it as a method to avoid needing the required breakdown photos. Cause it’s… waaaay better than that. We won’t alter any rules, but if anyone else feels the need to do it this way, they’re allowed to.

Thank you, and best of luck!

Mind if I hop in and contribute the mask link?

I believe this uses the dented version, but I’m not 100%.

Whichever version he used will need to be added to the first post.

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it is the mask i used and thank you @venort

The mechanical look is superbly well-executed, and what a great function!! It’s so perfectly 90s Technic-y :star_struck: This model would def not be out of place in Faber’s Boneheads concept video, thanks to both its style and movement!


Glad you like it @Toa_Gua :slightly_smiling_face: I always try to put a function in all of my mocs while retaining full articulation

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I love you


I love you too :slight_smile:

This is my favorite entry hands down. I’m thinking about building one for myself.


Thank you im glad you think so, happy building and most importantly have fun


regardless of this entry not winning :frowning: I still want to build one for myself (I love this moc, and it make sense story-wise)
I just need the parts…

and that mask


Hey thank you, and to be fair having people enjoying the moc as it is means more to me than winning. hope you get those parts and happy building

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I need most of the parts, so not anytime soon,
but I think you have the right idea about all this

I wish more people shared that point of veiw

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agreed, if only

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