Helryx (Zork's attempt) OOMN Collab thing

the connector on the back is for her shield

Helryx with Nui stone for some reason(2011 storyline?)

Constructive Criticism appreciated!


she looks cool
not huge on the thighs tho

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Not very big on the asymmetry but overall the moc looks nice. Cool moc, zork
I need to get working on mine

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She looks very scrappy. I’m not too much of a fan of hunchback Helryx, but it looks good anyway and I like the use of the Kaukau Nuva.

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Chibiryx :3 Overall loving the build here Zork, you even managed to squeeze in some articulated fingers.


I like how the armor choices make her look more ancient and dilapidated

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Thanks! great to see you posting again!

can’t say that wasn’t intended

well yeah
but i’m running out of custom limb ideas

Myeaah but i’m running out of ideas

Can’t say that wasn’t intended


You somehow made it smaller than the original and yet more poseable.