Helryx's Moc Topic

I would like to start this by saying all of my mocs (except for my self moc) have been scraped. This is the place were I will put any and all mocs I make. (unless it’s a self moc, then I will update that topic).

To start things off, here’s the space king: Rivan!

Front shot

@Nyran shot (sry ny)

No gaps to be seen


Please post your opinions below.


Me likey!

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He would definitely be in the Galaxy/Photon archetype :smile: I like him! The tram-blue skeleton brings a whole new meaning to it’s what’s in the inside that matters. The three blades look really cool! those also kinda remind me of the Black King in Accel World, but cooler :wink:


Queen :sunglasses:

Thanks! Also, it’s nice to know another ttv peep likes accel world.

@Ranaki_Pakewa, Thanks :smile:


Its been a year, so I’m a little rusty, but I swear that they refer to her as king a couple times :sweat_smile: I swear!

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Rivan looks freaking SWEET!

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The only real gap is the one on the right, which 99% of ccbs mocs have. (the simple ones)

BTW, the bottom one isn’t a gap. It’s his arm behind his back…


I have two more mocs!

These two are poison (left) and venom (right).

Poison is an ex hero bounty hunter and venom is one of the best of the hero factory.

They used to be best buds, but now they’re rivals. Poison still values justice though, and will only take jobs she deems as morally right. They are both female.

I know these are simple mocs, but that’s the whole idea. This is kind of like my salute to HF, however small it might be…


Don’t flag. This is an update.

I have another moc. This is Ice Dragon MK.5 Behemoth.

He has stubby legs and long arms ending in razor claws. He also has sonic X-Wings and a radioactive eye.

His wigs and tail are very pose-able.

He can fly at incredible speeds using the turbines.

I have a new backdrop now. Is it better? I also have an imigur so I can post pictures. So what do you guys think?


That looks sick! No real complaints.

Why is the eye radioactive tho?



so it uses huge swords as wings

As a professor of bad wing designs I think that these really, really set back the MOC.

The rest is cool, but kinda jagged in places. The spike motif is cool.

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Thanks! The whole thing is radioactive, but it shows through in the eye.

Well. The idea is he is mechanical. So is the con that they don’t look fleshed out? If not, how could I fix them?

Thanks man! :smile:

Really like the design and build.
But the green eye looks out of place.

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Thanks rec! I’ll look to see what pieces I have.

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I don’t find it odd because it’s an eye and a typically don’t associate eye color with the build, but hey that’s just me : P

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the con is that they don’t really look like wings. A single pair of the blade piecesmiiight be able to pass, but the two together does not look convincing.

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Here’s a system ship I made:

I plan on using the ship for my sigfig when I make it, but for now it belongs to this dude.

The engine is in the front, and it has flick-fire missiles under it’s wings. The grey “tail” is so it can dock on larger ships.

It holds a minifig, but you have to take the helmet off.

It can also hold the dudes gun(s).


Nice ship. Wings could be longer and the ball socket is a bit jarring.

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gud, very good

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