Henji the Wizard - Mata/Metru Nui Matoran (with lore)

At some point after the Great Disruption, a curious Le-Matoran appeared on Metru Nui. His name was Henji. No one is quite sure when and how he wound up on the island, but he soon integrated himself into society. His armour was green and purple, which, while not unheard of for a member of his tribe, was highly unusual for Le-Metru. He was also highly eccentric, even for local Le-Matoran standards. Not long after he appeared, he began to showcase a great interest for the island’s plantlife – as such, he ended up spending most of his time in Ga-Metru, tending to the native flora. During that time, he established himself as an authority on his field, his knowledge and skill earning him the nickname “the Wizard”. As you might expect, he got along well with the Bo-Toa who, for a brief time, also resided in Ga-Metru. Following the Great Cataclysm, Henji was placed in a Matoran Sphere and relocated to Mata Nui. Despite losing his memory, his knowledge on plantlife remained and he continued his task as a botanist, travelling across the island to study and care for the island’s indigenous trees. His expertise was invaluable with regard to the Vuata Maca and Bula trees, which supplied the islanders with energy and which began to die during the Dark Times (a certain Ta-Matoran wanderer helped with that last dilemma). Like the rest of his Matoran peers, Henji would eventually move back to Metru Nui and, in due time, to Spherus Magna. We can be certain that even on the newly reformed planet, Henji will not stop doing what he does best.

You probably noticed a pattern with my Bionicle OCs – I take an already existing, obscure Bionicle character with a lot of unexplored potential and give them a proper backstory. This time I went with the “Wizard” character from Quest for the Toa. The Wizard (let’s pretend there’s only one) is particularly intriguing, what with his unusual colourscheme and unexplained backstory. I tried to add some intrigue to him. Is he an Av-Matoran, placed on Metru nui during the Time Slip? A Bo-Matoran, who simply settled there? Or does he happen to be just a special Le-Matoran with incredible botanical knowledge? Who knows.

The name Henji is not mine BTW, it comes from the MNOG2 Walkthrough adaptation by Jeff Douglas of Myths and Legacy (Chapter Five | Myths and Legacy), where the character makes a brief appearance. It has a nice ring to it, so I borrowed it.

Some more pictures:

(yes I know Takua is floating, that’s just studio being studio)


Joker-toran (He lives in a Le-ciety).


He may be lively, but he’s certainly not a murderer.


I remember him from another game as well, where he would give you health pickups and energy from the Vuata Maca trees.


Was it some version of Legend of Mata Nui? I only remember him from Quest for the Toa.


Yes! In the final version of Legend of Mata Nui, the Wizard is seen in each Koro with a Vuata Maca tree. When you talk to him, he dispenses large quantities of health and elemental energy. He also gives you a quest to retrieve a crystal for the trees.


As I was reading your backstory for him, I was really getting the impression that he’s a Bo-Matoran.

Select all the parts that you want to sit flat on the ground, then right-click them and select Align > Bottom.


All right, though he need not strictly be a Bo-Matoran - after all, he did show up after the Great Disruption. Besides, I like to imagine that Le- and Bo-Matoran have similar traits. They already share a colourscheme (green and bluish colours), so why wouldn’t they?

I’ll try that trick in stud.io, thanks.


Ah, nice moc. The lore is really interesting and I like the colors.


Thanks. :slight_smile: