Hepua, Toa of Sonics

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This Toa of Sonics defends Nala Nui’s Ko-Koronans with resounding resolve. A former messenger, Hepua has always been steadier on wolfback than on foot, but at least now his Mask of Stealth lends the lumbering Toa some subtlety.

The name Hepua comes from Tolkien’s Matoran Language: hepua: “courier, messenger, go-between”

Thanks for looking. Please let me know what you think!


This guy seems pretty good. The use of sand green is neat and the parts usage with the zamor sphere launcher is cool. nice moc!

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Neat arm design.

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The Mask of Stealth is a good choice for a Toa of Sonics. The sand green also looks really good, adding some colour while still keeping the build looking fairly grayscale.


Thanks! Hepua is actually a new version of a Toa I first made in 2008. That version’s weapon was a handheld jet ski/sea scooter type thing, with a Zamor sphere inside (it just sat in there, it couldn’t fire :P). So the Zamor sphere on this new version is meant as a callback to the original.

Thank you! Lack of parts forced some innovation in this case. To use a Hordika neck for the elbow connection, and to fit the Nuva armor on the shoulders, I had to use some bulky constructions since I don’t have any of the new, more compact Technic connectors. As a result, the arms got a little beefier, which actually fit the character in the end.

Thanks! I agree that it’s interesting giving Toa masks that overlap with their elemental powers (like how people say Orde should have a Sanok). I got the idea for sand green from Discord. A while back someone said it’d be funny if the secondary colors for Sonics were muted colors. Joke notwithstanding, sand colors seem to work pretty well with gray, and I hope to see more sand colors on other Sonics characters!

Thank you all for the feedback so far!


Ah that sounds cool.

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You’re definitely right about that. I think sand blue would look particularly great with the Element of Sonics.


That right there is a pretty cool torso design.

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ooo nice torso design!!

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The sand green looks really good here!

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Thanks everyone! Glad you like the colors. Also, in case anyone is interested, you should be able to more or less recreate the torso from these photos:

Hepua - back

Hepua - back detail

They don’t show everything (there’s a hidden 1x3 pin-only liftarm that’s holding the two Mata feet together through their pin connection), but they should be enough to mostly figure the torso out.

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sand green works really well for a Toa of Sonics.

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