Her Ghost (MOC poster)

OW the EDGE! Ha! Beat ya to it!

Anyways, I was feeling particularly inspired with Bionicle today, so I photographed one of my mocs and did some basic things in gimp. Generally I wouldn’t bother sharing something this simple, but it actually turned out kinda neat so I figured “why not”.

Perhaps I should express my fanon in some kind of proper media rather than just chucking out non-contextual posters all the time

So uh, you like it? Should I do more?


Looking pretty snazzy!

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you made this
in gimp


OW the EDGE!

I like the way the trans pieces look.

Neat, I like the way the lighting makes the trans blue look.

Why is my finger bleeding?

Oh, I know.

Gimp’s actually pretty good once you get the hang of it; it can do most of the same things as photoshop.

If you’re curious specifically,[details= here’s the step-by-step.]I started by selecting the eye, then inverted the selection. Then, I desaturated red, orange, and yellow using the hue/saturation window(deselect at this time). Afterwards I duplicated the layer and turned down the opacity on one before saturating the blues, cyans, and greens, then reset the saturation window and ramped up red. Lastly, I added a white text layer on overlay mode. I think getting a good source image was half the battle; the vignette look was actually just a side effect of only using one lamp for backlight. I think contrast may have been increased at some point as well, but I can’t remember when- your best bet would probably be before you mess with the saturation.[/details]

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