Here comes Helryx

I recently modeled the Mask of Psychometry. It’s a very interesting mask to make. I will (hopefully) make it available when I can successfully 3D print it. Enjoy this recreation.


Awesome recreation.


I love how you build the rumble. Everything else here makes it look like official promo art


The mask seems way too big compared to the artwork.

I like how you did the sky rhotuka. If I squint, it looks just like the artwork. Awesome!

it’s beautiful :heart_eyes:

The only gripes I have are that the mask seems too big and the eyes too small
But other than that, nice job! I can’t wait to see this being produced in real life!

The mask is roughly the same size as a Ruru. I really can’t make it any smaller, unless I want to risk thin walls. I’m satisfied with it’s size.

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Well done. The mask doesn’t look as accurate and refined as Galva’s 3-D model of the winning artwork, but the render looks great otherwise

Haha, I was looking at your post showing off Galva’s mask and I thought to myself, “Man, I want one of those” and so here we are. What inaccuracies did you notice? I’d like to fix them

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Fair enough. Would you mind providing a profile shot of the mask so that I may see how it looks from the side? It looks a little too flat but maybe it’s just the angle. I’m not sure what to call the top part of the mask that resembles a roborider head but regardless, the front should taper more like the artwork and the piece it was based on. In the artwork, that part narrows as it reaches the front of the mask. There are also bumps on the back of the vents, which I don’t see on here. The eye slits are spot on, although they protrude a bit forward. Frankly, I’m not a fan of this part in the mask design so I’m not going to fault any 3-D modelers for this, nor should anyone for that matter.

I hope my explanation hasn’t been too troublesome. I’m iffy on the CCBS connector for the neck and the black mata hands instead of blue but these are nitpicks. You did a great job with bringing the artwork to life and hopefully I’ll do a better job of putting my thoughts into words next time.

Putting that aside, do you plan to 3-D print the mask anytime soon? That’s what I’ve been doing with Galva and it’s helped him fix some parts.

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I hope you don’t mind me showing shots from blender, the shadows are more apparent here.

I tried my hardest to focus on maintaining the shape of the profile shot. For the most part the art makes sense, except around the side tubes, which are angled a little differently and is a tiny bit shorter between front and profile shots. This is why the “back bump” is hidden in the front view of the model— it’s too short in the artwork to be visible on the front. Looking back and forth, the head crest on my mask is too rounded near the forehead. This is probably because I slapped on a subdivide modifier that rounded it out too much. You’re right on the eyes. I plan on making them bigger. Your explanation was not troublesome at all, it’s very helpful. I appreciate it :slight_smile:

I flipped-flopped on the neck since the original art had elongated it, so it’s just to stay faithful to the original. Though the blue hand is something I completely missed.

I’m a broke man with no local 3D printer to use so I either intend on getting a quote from Shapeways (which costs more than it honestly should) or just hoping that it should work, so as of now, not very soon. Based on what Shapeways is telling me, I need to work out some kinks. I’d be more than happy to send you a file to print, if you would like.


Honestly the only true atrocity of this mask is its sharp cheek line, but it is completely understandable if its for part durability.

Nah I just messed up that part lol, I’ll be fixing that ASAP

Thank you and wow. This looks spot on. I would treat the bumps on the top of the head as indents rather than holes. Indents in the mouth and the back of the head would also work quite well. Hope this helps.


His design does have the mouth hole, it’s just the full blue render that hides it.

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My bad.

Wow, I can’t believe I didn’t pick up on those mistakes before! It’s looking good now, thank you for the suggestions. Just a couple more changes


Wow, it’s a digital LEGO model based off of artwork based off of a physical MOC based off of a vague story description. That’s pretty funny if you think about it.

Anyway, this is a great recreation of the artwork. It really does look like the artwork “in the brick”, minus the hoses.

But I suspect it wouldn’t have been very fun to try and pose/connect the hose pieces in whatever software you’re using, so I can see why you would leave them out. Additionally, I just now noticed that the way the lower hose connects to the hip in the artwork isn’t actually possible, unless you want the right leg to not actually be connected to the torso.

All the immediately noticeable issues with the mask model have been fixed with your latest update to the model, so no complaints there.

The only thing I’d change would be the parts used for the fingers. I’d replace the current static parts with these click hinges to add a bit more articulation:


Awesome, good work.