Here they are

The summer sets are in stores now in germany. On toysrus' webpage they are still cant be found and i dont know about toyrus shops but from this week the sets are available in karstadts. normal sets 14,99, big set 29,99 euro
In hungary they are available in some web-stores but havent see them anywhere else.

Bought skull warrior today, have to save money for the big set wh ich i will probably buy in hungary.


Although it's awesome you found the sets in stores, I don't think this should be its own topic. It may be wise to move this over to either the BIONICLE 2015 Discussion Topic, or revive the Sight-Seeing 2015 Sets Topic.
The latter may be a good idea since the new sets are starting to appear in stores now.

true, i was too excited. sorry. can i move it myself?

I moved 2 posts to an existing topic: Sight-Seeing 2015 Sets

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