Here's a crazy theory i came up with that explains the inconsistencies in the TV Series

Do you remember that Lego toyline called Hero Factory?
Lego created it as a response to Bionicle's cancellation in 2010, and it was a pretty big thing.
Merchandise, video games, and even a TV Series.
The TV Series was produced by Threshold Animation Studios for Nickelodeon, and had 11 episodes, with the 11th one being produced by Ghost instead of Threshold.
The series centres around the missions of Alpha 1, the most praised and experienced team at the Hero Factory. Led by veteran Hero Preston Stormer, the team comprises senior members Dunkan Bulk and Jimi Stringer, original rookies and later fully fledged team-mates William Furno, Mark Surge and Natalie Breez and current rookies Julius Nex, Nathan Evo and Daniel Rocka.
It was a pretty good TV Series, but as the show progressed the episodes got worse and worse due to plot holes.
For example, Evo's personality suddenly changes in the "Breakout" episode.
Well, for there's an explanation for all of them.
In the fifth episode, "Ordeal of Fire", the heroes get an upgrade.
The first heroes who are built with the upgrade are Nex and Evo, and all the others receive their upgrades later on.
Actually, Nex and Evo aren't the first heroes to be built with the upgrade.
Months before that, Zib and his crew worked on a prototype hero that i'll nickname "Spark", who bears a resemblance to another hero called Natalie Breez.
Spark was the first hero to be built with the upgrade, however her core was made by using the "old design", that the heroes previosly used.
The other heroes didn't know about this project, and she was trained in secret.
Everything seemed normal at first, however, Spark become more and more reckless, ignoring the advices Zib gave to her.
One day, during her training, a member of Zib's crew approached her to tell her about their opinion about her progress.
When she heard him talking about their disappointment, a sudden urge to kill him came in her mind.
After doing that she ran away and stole a ship, landing on the nearest planet.
The other heroes were never warned about this.
After doing that, Zib learned that her core was getting corrupt, making her to go berserk when someone or something annoyed her. The reason was that one of the materials used into making it was causing it.
Most of the hero cores where created with only one substance, called quaza, but a small number of heroes had another substance inserted in their cores, cauzing anger and rage for a small period of time. Spark was one of them.
This may also be the cause of Surge's escape from the fire villains in the fifth episode, which would be impossible under normal circumstances.
However, Surge seemed to know about this, since he always believed that he was born with a malfunction and one day he would turn evil and kill everyone, as the official website used to state.
After the Spark incident, Zib's crew started to work on Nex and Evo, who were built with an entirely different core design.
After the fire villains were captured and the upgrade was given to all the heroes, Zib sent Evo on a secret mission on the planet Spark fled to.
After arriving there, he encountered Spark and tried to convince her to return to the Hero Factory, but Spark refused and attacked him, which resulted in Evo's death.
After losing his signal, Zib suspected that Evo died, so he started to work on a new Evo, thus explaining his change of personality in "Breakout" and absence in "Savage Planet".
However, his death remained a secret and Zib sent another hero called Rocka to capture Spark.
In addition, Zib gave him a device that could track down Spark in case she ever fled from the planet.
Rocka arrived on the planet and battled Spark, but uppon seeing defeat getting nearer, he threw the device on Spark's ship and leaved when she wasn't paying attention.
What followed next is the beginning of the "Savage Planet" episode, where Zib congratulates Rocka for his succes and warns him to return to Hero Factory, however Rocka picks up a signal coming from a nearby planet and goes there instead, which was actually a trap, leaving the other heroes to save him later.
During "Breakout", the new Evo is completed and sent by Zib to assist Voltix's imprisoment, the other heroes not knowing about his replacement.
Before "Breakout", Breez is sent on a long mission on a different planet, explaining her absence from the episode.
After the heroes are sent on their missions, Zib gives Stringer instructions on how to capture Spark, telling him that only him, Rocka and himself know about her existence.
He tells him that after capturing Voltix he will need to travel to the planet Spark has fled to and capture her, also telling him to lie to the other heroes if asked about this.
He agrees and after defeating Voltix and Spark, he returns to the Hero Factory and secretely gives Zib the body of the now unconscious Spark.
After he meets the other heroes, he lies and tells them that „he forgot where he parked his HeroPod”, just like in the episode.
Due to Breez not returning, Zib gives Spark an upgrade and sents her to capture Thornaxx.
After returning to the Hero Factory, she is taken by Zib who destroyes her in secret.
Breez returns from her mission and is not given the upgrade, explaining why she looked like her 2.0 form at the beginning of „Brain Attack”, while the other heroes were all having 4.0 forms.



I do not agree with this...but it is a good theory.

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It's alright....but goes wayyyy beyond what we know by introducing a "prototype" that is not in canon.