Here's a MOC I've worked on

I finally decided to start chatting and posting my works onto one of my favorite channels. So I put this titan-like model together out of spare parts and pieces whiel taking inspiration out of Botar’s model. Let me know what you think of this! It also doesn’t have a name at the moment, so suggest a few names while you’re at it!

(Also I’m not sure if I’m in the right room to post MOCs and for future photos later, please let me know later! Also I don’t know if the pictures upload or not.)


I like the build, but the color scheme needs to be more consistent.

I love the split colours thing it’s got going on. Legs could be a bit more complex though.

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The split coloration is a cool concept. The main issue I see here is the massive torso length compared to the Inika-sized limbs - as well as the large foot pieces that throw off the shaping of the torso. Also, while outside pictures are pretty cool; for future uploads you might want to include at least one picture against a neutral color background.

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Looks like a nice concept build, a more of a WIP atm then a full finished moc right?

The split colors are interesting, but the silver breaks it up too much.

Pretty neat, but the color scheme is a bit too all over the place. 6.5/10