Hero factory Jetbug

I recently got a mostly complete jetbug and while messing around editing him he turned into a transformer.

Along with his no hand blade arms I built an upgraded blade cannon arm and due to the transformation the thruster just makes the jet mode look better so it’s a cannon arm

Jet mode

Alternate jet mode


As mad as he is fast… And he just got faster


Both forms actually look pretty well!

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Looks good overall, but the armor from the upper hands really sticks out a lot.

NICE!!! I had the original Jetbug, and He was always my favorite HF villain. (That and lots of Keetorange!)
I’ve never been successful at revamping him, so I’m slightly jealous tbh

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This is the hero factory please state the nature of your crisis.

Man with a Texan accent: Ya there’s a giant mac and cheese colored bug that is attacking my son, Oh yea also he can turn into a jet and go buck wild…

Hero factory hangs up.



Man this made my day. But, seriously, how many prank calls do you think Hero Factory gets in a week?


I love this Jet Bug reimagining! Very nice transform mode