Hero Factory Mafia III: Counterattack

“Are we sure this is the right thing to do?” Asked Zib. “It just seems… wrong.”

Still, he watched with a morbid sort of curiosity as the Quaza Core was removed from its normal home and transplanted into another body. This body looked nothing like the factory’s usual inhabitants, being a cobbled-together robot with dull colors, an unfriendly countenance, and an excessively spiky design. Indeed, it looked like it would fit in better among the kind of monsters the factory fought… which was the idea.

As the robot’s eyes lit up, though, Zib let out a sigh of relief at the familiar voice coming through. “Wow, this feels… weird. I don’t think I like this…”

“It’s only temporary,” Merrick Fortiss assured, and Zib felt the words were intended for him as well. “We heard about a number of villains meeting up on the edge of the system, and we need to know what they could be planning. This is of outmost importance, so please bear with me.”

The hero-in-villain’s-clothing grimaced, but nodded assent. “Let’s do this.”

Hero Factory Mafia III: Counterattack

So, you probably already know the rules, but in case you don’t, you can find them here.

General Rules:

  1. All general TTV rules
  2. Don’t betray your side, please. People have had a ton of problems with this elsewhere…and games legitimately got ruined because people betrayed their team out of spite.
  3. When you cast a vote for someone, if you decide you’d rather vote for someone else, you can do so twice. All voting must be done by posting in topic, and making it very clear who you are voting for. If you do change your vote, please make it obvious who you are changing it TO and FROM.

Example: I will change my vote from X to Y.

It will not count if you do not list both of these things


Hero Recon (Mafia, x4): Every night, the Hero Recon team get together to plan their next target; the rest of the time they pose as regular villains.

Villains (Townsfolk, x11): Normal villains, out to make money and/or spread chaos throughout the systems, working together under an uneasy truce.

Brain (Leper, x1): Villain taken over by one of the invisible brains. Mafia and townsfolk alike want them dead; they win if they still live by the end of the game. Otherwise function as a normal villain

Kamikaze (Ghost, x1): When killed or executed, can choose a still-living player to kill during the night segment of the next round. Otherwise function as a normal villain

Whistleblower (Martyr, x1): When killed or executed, can choose a still-living player, whose role is then revealed to everyone. Otherwise function as a normal villain

Investigator (Deputy, x1): Can investigate another player each night and learn their role. Otherwise functions as a normal villain

Partners (Officials, x2): Know who the other Partner is. Otherwise functions as a normal villain

Randomizer (Clone, x1): When the game starts, selects another player. They take on that player’s role. (If they select a mafia member, for example, they become an additional mafia member. If they select the Brain, they become a second Brain. If they select a normal villain, they are just a villain. ect.)

  1. Robbie Rotten, Master of Disguise ( @Calebmar12 )
  2. @AdamusTheFirst
  3. @Invader
    4. Zar Inika ( @MataNuiNuva ) (Uses Twin Pistols and Knife)
    5. Zero ( @Zero ) Acid staffs
  4. Omega_Meme ( @Omega_Tahu ) (Uses edgy stale memes)
  5. @Radiation-7901
    8. Sonic Whip, The Horror Of The Future ( @Ranaki_Pakewa ) (Uses a supersonic whip)
  6. Cornkscrew ( @Plural ) (Uses a corkscrew)
    10. Thunk ( @Leoxandar )
    11. Jargon ( @John_Smith ) (Uses Obfuscation)
  7. Raymond ( @Toa_Ketros ) (Uses a glowing finger)
    13. Dat Boi ( @Toaofdankmemes ) (Uses a unicycle)
    14. The Makuta With No Name ( @Cordak_the_Cynical_Makuta ) (Uses Cynicism)
  8. Time ( @MetaRayMills ) (Uses a clock)
    16. Not A Mafioso ( @MavezIgnikari ) (Uses a rubber gun)
    17. Hutere Faolin ( @Hutere ) (Uses a Saberstaff)
    18. Pernicious_Soupinator ( @Political_Slime )
  9. Lucius Rey ( @legomaster1378 )
    20. Bob ( @Greencapps ) (Uses a hammer)
  10. Zu KeepR ( @king328 )
  11. Trashman ( @Chilly ) (Uses a Trash Can)

Roles will arrive by PM shortly. If you didn’t get a PM, you’re a villain. You know the drill.
Scene will be up within the next twenty-four hours, Mafia permitting.


Augh. That all sounds really interesting.


Alright, all PMs have been sent out. If you didn’t get one, you’re an ‘innocent’ villain.

As with the previous two games, names for your characters, and preferred weaponry, are good to know.


can i request a villain name for myself?




can i be



For the sake of tradition

You got it


My character name is time because time is everyone’s worst enemy.

And my weapon of choice is a clock because time is everyone’s worst enemy.


I’d like my name to be Zar Inika, please.


I am Sonic Whip, the Horror of the Future. I shall strike terror in the hearts of all Heroes with the supersonic crack of my supersonic whip. How else do you think I got my name, a name generator?


I am Omega_Meme. I kill people with my edgiest stale memes.

Now, for the 24 hour wait.

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I’m going with Raymond (In-joke), and my weapon is ET’s glowing finger. This should be… interesting. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ooo, ooo, I wanna be called Thunk :stuck_out_tongue:


My villain name is Milo Hicken McMilonderson-Telephoniosospecialosospecialagentoso.

Cornkscrew also works.

As for a weapon? I use a corkscrew with a bunch of Gali 2015 masks hotglued on.


It’s my character, I’m the Trashman! I come out, I throw trash all over the ring! And then, I start eating garbage! And then I pick up the trash can and I bash the guy on the head!


I am The_Makuta_with_No_Name, whom wields the powers of cynicism and depression, opening the eyes of others to the misery of the universe.

oc donut steel


And so it begins.


If its still ok to do so my villain name is… robbie rotten master of disguise

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You are no match for the music meister.


It looks like his coat has a face. Sorta.

so long of a wait…