Hero Factory Nostalgia Topic

I was in high school during the Hero Factory years and that got me away from constraction. It was very frustrating for me to read the final BIONICLE comic that I had kept up on for nine years and I really resented HF. But you know what? These sets were darn awesome and the story was fun. I can totally see how fans get nostalgic for this theme. :thumbsup:


It still looked bad.
Another thing, why was Bulk a wolf and Stormer a rhino? They shoulda been flip-flopped.

Also, some of the 2.0 heroes didn't have armor on some of their limbs at all, like Nex.
Let's not even talk about Fire Lord's legs, which were used at least 3 times throughout the series.


Does anyone remember the "top secret" portfolio that was sent with the Lego Club/catalogue before the first wave.
I was actually pretty hyped when I saw the sets, and even thought it shared czechs a universe with bionicle.


"Its not what you got, its what you do with it that makes you a hero."
"Heros aren't built, they are 'made' by their actions."
(I dislike HF by the way.)


I... actually have a couple things I can unironically mention here, wow.

Thunder was, for four solid years, the last constraction set I received. Simple enough build, but I remember liking the new darker silver color on the Inika shoulder with its harder, seemingly more metallic texture. Getting Stars feet and nifty little industrial crusher fingers in that color was nice, too.

Also these:

Finnicky piece, but I love working with it all the same. It's a great way to create an armored and arched back, or some super-beefy custom arms, heck- it's even at least somewhat functional as Bricklink describes in its official name- as a shield.

Also I remember one night exploring the official site I did play through quite a few Hero Factory FM episodes. Those were ridiculous and silly and I'm glad I checked them out.

Start of Hero Factory for me wasn't entirely god-awful or anything, I just had far less interest in it than I did in PokΓ©mon and other such handheld video games.


That thing was what got me into HF.

But look at the Heroes in HF. they are not built and called a Hero right off the bat, they have to prove themselves to be worthy to hold that title. to have that rank, to hold that honor of being a Hero. the letter on their chest means nothing until they have proved themselves, it is just a logo. but to Heroes like Stormer, Bulk or Stringer. it is a symbol of peace and good, and those willing to stand up to do what is right. In the books Von ness expresses distaste for a Hero, saying it was not his choice. But it was, he chose to be a villain rather then a Hero, just as Stormer decided to be a Hero rather then a villain.

This very much applies to HF as well, maybe even more so.


I still mostly MOC in hero factory lore.
It was around during my tweenage years, and formed the bulk of my constraction life. I miss it, even with its flaws, and feel it doesn't deserve the anger and annoyance directed at it.
I feel that it had some stellar sets that are some of the best ever in constraction (COUGH COUGH Witch Doctor COUGH)

I also have to say that the 1.0s are better than the toa mata. They tend to have more posing, look better, have cooler colors, adn the veterans actually have some cool visual Motifs on their chestplates, helmets, and guns that are unique to them. Take a look, and it's actually pretty cool that they made sure they were more cohesive.

I actually still love meltdown overall, and the 1.0 villains are all pretty great.
Breakout was my favorite year, and I have all the Breakout sets except Breez. I have 2 XT4s (for more parts).

Thank you.

Totally. I remember. I got so hyped.


This stupid trailer made me think Humans coincide with Heroes.

Thank the System Overlords that this didn't happen.


Fire Lord was cool, it showed what power could do to someone, showing why Makuro was so hesitant about the upgrade.

As for Bionicle, I'd say Umarak. He's cunning, methodical, and hates being thought of as a servant.


I miss the original theme music and good, or least fitting voice acting. Also breakout was a pretty good year. I also like the heroes of breakout even though the villains were garage in my opinion.


Throughout pretty much all the series forgot that bulk was BULKY, I mean look at all of his versions.

Aaaaand then he became a mindless monster.... thanks lego, you give us something cool and then get rid of it.

...How can a character just decide to be good or evil. (Example, Anakin skywalker took three movies to show a graduial change to the dark side, like the death of his mother, death of padme, ect.)

The heroes are made in a factory, not earning the name hero in any way.
Toa earned the name toa hero by what is his destiny and duty,

Destinies that were pre-programmed into them and decided by someone else.

He chose to use his powers for good, if one day you decided to kill someone, that is your choice. if one day you decided to go about helping others. that is your choice, he chose to do the right thing.

They are made in a factory (not too unlike the Matoran or Toa) and have to earn the title of Hero. the entire motivation of Furno in rise of the rookies is that he wants to be a Hero. even if he was made in the factory, he has to earn the right to be called a that.

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Then why is the name hero factory, why do they say we make heroes
"Heroes" are not made, they earn that title, not from the start.

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Because they build a robot. who then is given the chance to become a Hero. Von Ness was given that chance, and he chose to ignore it. It is like being a cop, you would be more likely to do something considered a Heroic act, rather then just being some normal dude who just does normal things.


Heroes should do heroic things without being told to do so.
(All the toa inika were matoran and had no idea to do something heroic. but out of bravery they ventured on and became toa to help matoran. Meaning anyone can be a hero and not having to be meant to do so.)

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But was that really their choice? it was their pre-programmed destiny, meaning they would have made those choices regardless.

The Heroes from HF do exactly that, they have saved, sacrificed and preformed heroic acts just because they could. Surge sacrificed himself to save his team, but he was never told to, he did it regardless. he made those choices by himself with nothing but a sense of right and wrong to guide him. (also top of the line training helps.)

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I always had issues with the sets, but I will say toying around with Nex was funnish.

Let's not confuse Destiny with simple predetermination, shall we? The six Matoran who left Metru Nui for Voya Nui did so because they had to take action- the very life of the Great Spirit was at stake. Collectively, they each made a choice to leave for places unknown with a team of five other Matoran (and Takanuva), each from another Koro, each leaving behind what would've been a pretty prominent role in the rebuilt City of Legends. "Rebellion" is the operative word for BIONICLE in 2006, and the departure of the soon-to-be Toa Inika in defiance of their Turaga's orders is but one of many examples. The Piraka rebell against the Dark Hunters. The Voya Nui Resistance Team rebell against the Piraka. Brutaka rebells against Axonn's friendship and better judgement and against the whole of the Order of Mata Nui. But the biggest rebellion of all is the root cause of all these smaller games of cloak-and-dagger: The Plan. All of 2006 through 2008 is the but the motions of the cogs of The Makuta's machinations- manipulation and circumvention of that pre-programming that you mentioned to ensure his ascension to what is basically Godhood, all while keeping even his closest allies in the dark until the very end.

The Toa had to be paragons of virtue the whole way, or else... well, you can see the canon AUs for yourself. Toa Empire is what happens when our beloved elemental knights go too templar and establish a police state. The Kingdom isn't entirely terrible, but it's surely not the best ending. Matoro suffers in silence and Spherus Magna stays unreformed forever. An incomplete conclusion. In the end of the main story though, the Toa triumph, and even with their victory stolen by Makuta, Mata Nui himself honors their many sacrifices and finishes the job himself, all while under the mantle of 'Toa'.

The word 'Toa' means more than just 'Hero'. It's a term reserved for those who doggedly pursue justice with their whole being, those who stand in defense of those who can but barely protect themselves. It's for those who stand in the face of impossible odds and give of themselves to the point of ultimate sacrifice- never for the sake of personal honor or glory, but for knowing they've made the Universe a better, brighter, safer place. That's what it means to be a 'Toa'. Mak-u-hero all you want, but at the end of the day I'd much rather have a Lhikan, Kopaka, or Kongu in my corner than a Stormer, Rocka, or Furno.


Which Nex? :stuck_out_tongue: