Hero Factory Radio

Remember that promotional "radio station" used when Hero Factory came out? No. No you don't.

I recently found a Four hour recording of the broadcast and listening to it now 4+ years later, I actually got a few laughs. Its funny in a very awkward sort of way, especially those kids who called in to submit their "emergency." You could clearly tell they just made it up as they were on the line.

"Uhhhhh...theres a monster in my backyard aaaaaannnnnnnnnnndddddddd he has 6 arms aaaaannnnnnddd 8 eight eyes and wings.................................. and he's trying to kill my cat."

(Woah that took a dark turn at the end there. I'm surprised it aired.)

Anyways, I obviously didn't go through all 4 hours of it, so what were your highlights of this abomination?


I remember it.....
I was one of the chummps who was on it.....


Really? Do you mind telling us the episode you appeared in?

I don't remember

I don't blame you. If I appeared on HF FM I would do my best to forget as well.


I remember it.

I regret it.

And now I forget it.

(hey that rhymed)


Yea I remember that. I didn't participate though.

I remembered Edictarts did a coverage of it.

It was quite humorous


Hero Factory FM was like an attempt of porting MNOG to the HF Storyline. From my memory it focused on a character who was merely a civilian and it slightly expanded the world that Hero Factory took place in; much like what the MNOGs did. Sadly, it was undermined by horrible humor, an annoying host, and the callers who would submit their "emergencies".


I have all those episodes saved to my documents in a HF file. Sadly, there are some contradictions with canon in the episodes. And the humor was horrible. And then, at the end, Mak Megahertz (I didn't have to look that name up smile ) gets flushed down the drain. my headcanon is that he dies, and good riddance.

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Is this real?

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Not really.

In his last episode he toured the Hero Factory building, but after he was finished he became stuck in the chute that exits the facility. Another host took over for him temporarily with Mak communicating to the new host telling him to ask the manager of the Assembly Tower some questions.

It was never revealed whether Mak Megahertz was freed from the chute or not.


I actually liked it. In my opinion, it was better than the entirety of the 2.0 story. (then again, I always liked that sort of universe building side things)

I actually listened to the begging of the first one.

And then

I stopped.

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I saw the ads in LEGO Club and the Brickmaster HF insert booklet. Never listened to it. stuck_out_tongue

I remember there was a villain they talked about

he was a cat burglar called Interpolar Bear who wore a panda disguise

it was great


Mak: "So is the crusher a move you have been perfecting back at the Hero factory?"

Bulk: "Nah, it's a tank..."


Okay, but at the end, water can be heard gurgling through the chute, which implies it was actually a drain. This same thing was said on HS01, back when it was still around.

I remember Hero Factory the Musical.....best musical ....ever