Hero factory revamps!


surge breeze stormer stringer bulk nex evo rocka merrik


These looks pretty good!

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Thanks I made these back in late 2014 and I’ve been improving them ever since

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The concept is good, but the execution could be better.
The back needs more coverage on most, and your photography would benefit greatly from a solid backdrop, along with better lighting.


Thanks I’ll try to find a more well lit area next time

Theese look pretty good, but why does furno have white

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Like em. Nice to see some HF MOCs.


@ltvmocs because furno breakout had white @thatchmac thanks I worked really hard on these

Nice. I fell like no one really talks about HF these days. My favorites would have to be Breeze, Stormer, Nex, and Bulk.


Thank. You I tried to incorporate the best part of each version and I think stormer is the best example. Thanks for the critique

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Pretty decent MOCs.

Thank you so much

My favorite has to be stringer. The backplate just works really well for his breakout aesthetic.

For what they are, they are pretty neat! I kinda wish each hero had a bit more…identity, ya know? make them less clone-ish and more unique.

@king328 thanks I didn’t expect this much praise thank you all @raptortalon thanks I tried my best to make them all look unique


As someone who’s played around with it a lot, the 2.0 chest armor pieces really don’t work well with the 1.0/Breakout Helmets. It makes them look like their heads are sunken into their chests, and overall looks silly. I think that the back armor also needs to be improved too, as the Inika shoulder piece has some weird shaping when you put it upside-down like that.

Out of all of these, I’d say I like Evo and Nex the best, largely because of the helmet problem. While these are by no means awful, I think you still have some improving to do.

@political_slime thanks I’ve mad a lot of mods to some of the that I haven’t posted yet. And thank you so much for the critiques the mods to turbo surge breeze and stormer will be posted soon

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