Hero Factory soundtracks

Does anyone know where some quality soundtracks are for the Hero Factory videos and games? I would particularly like to know if anyone has a link to the music from the Brain Attack app game, as I have always wanted the music from it.

And of course, if this is in the wrong category, feel free to fix it!


I found got some results when I typed in “hero factory brain attack game soundtrack” to YouTube. I can’t verify that they’re legit, but they sound pretty nice.

Here are just a couple:

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did the best I could with what clean audio there is

here you go


Thank you! Also, I was wondering if anyone knows how to get the .mp3 files of these tunes? As of the last time I searched, even the bootleg audio sites didn’t have them.

Does it give you a malicious domain error when you use it?
Each time I used it, I got a malicious domain request from Ipnothome.com, which was blocked by Norton Antivirus.

Y’know typically it’s fine for me but now it’s sending me some scam notifications. Hopefully it didnt cause anything more serious.

Yet another mp3 converter I can no longer use or recommend, sorry :worried:

Well, the files are fine, Norton didn’t flag them. But the site has malicious redirections, so it may be that someone else is using the site’s legitimate purpose to further their own attacks. Not the owner of the site, but, for instance, a sketchy domain seller, or someone hacking the site and adding their own software and malware to it. I’m fine, though. Norton blocked the attacks, and let me get my music.