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Hello everyone on the Boards!

So my friends and I are into Dungeons and Dragons, and there’s a really neat resource online called Hero Forge where you can make custom character statues so you can buy them.

I found out about it and gave it a try and then I got addicted to it, because the process is really appealing, especially when I can make an almost perfect match for what my character looks like in my head to a figure!

As an example, here’s my character based off my self-MOC Ghar:

and my secondary based off of my MOC Syras the Bounty Hunter:

So yea, talk about it, if you’ve used it or heard of it, or maybe post some pics of your creations or even customs you’ve bought!

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Yeah I enjoy hero forge a lot as well.

But I don’t use it that often, becuase it doesn’t work that well on my computer.

Looks pretty sweet. Is it a download or a website?

The name just makes me think of hero factory…
That is really cool though.

tried to make one as close to “me” as I could. looks pretty cool

That looks vaguely like Iron Man…

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This sounds interesting, how do you access it?

Im going to seriously look into this

It’s just on the browser! Here’s the website link: https://www.heroforge.com/

You have to make an account to save your characters, but all you need is an email!

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hero forge is pretty cool, although I haven’t personally bought any figures.

I might make some of my newer figures and see how they turn out, though.

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This thread is in desperate need of a necropost, allow me.

Whatever I make I usually just do for the fun of it like all character creator games, I haven’t actually ever ordered a miniature from the site. Fun site if you have some time to waste.


so here’s Aísma. hero forge has yet to add a poncho option, so if I ever buy one of these things I’ll have to add it on myself.

my Kenku ranger disaster of fashion: spoul

the far traveler triton artificer I’m currently working on.

and I decided I wanted to make the question for no reason at all.


These are really neat, love the look of the “Mystery Man.” Also I do agree with Hero Forge needing more Poncho.

I have this one random OC I made that I’ll upload when I get home.

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I’m touched! Thanks for reviving it.

These are all awesome! I’m actually really surprised how well you got Ghost Rider and Iron Man!

I love the pose and the outfit! Colors are great too! Really awesome!


three years and he didn’t use the rhyme!

wonderful. Truly glorious.

Hero Forge sends my computer into cardiac arrest, but it’s super neat.


then you prolly need to get a better computer.

I’ll send you into cardiac arrest for insulting Gheorge.

As promised, this random fantasy feller who happened to be the first character I made on the site last year.

Different angle.