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Hello everyone on the Boards!

So my friends and I are into Dungeons and Dragons, and there's a really neat resource online called Hero Forge where you can make custom character statues so you can buy them.

I found out about it and gave it a try and then I got addicted to it, because the process is really appealing, especially when I can make an almost perfect match for what my character looks like in my head to a figure!

As an example, here's my character based off my self-MOC Ghar:

and my secondary based off of my MOC Syras the Bounty Hunter:

So yea, talk about it, if you've used it or heard of it, or maybe post some pics of your creations or even customs you've bought!

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Yeah I enjoy hero forge a lot as well.

But I don't use it that often, becuase it doesn't work that well on my computer.

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Looks pretty sweet. Is it a download or a website?

The name just makes me think of hero factory...
That is really cool though.

tried to make one as close to "me" as I could. looks pretty cool

That looks vaguely like Iron Man...

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This sounds interesting, how do you access it?

Im going to seriously look into this

It's just on the browser! Here's the website link: https://www.heroforge.com/

You have to make an account to save your characters, but all you need is an email!

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hero forge is pretty cool, although I haven’t personally bought any figures.

I might make some of my newer figures and see how they turn out, though.

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