Hero Fricktory MoC: Evo's Scout Machine

Like Evo hasn’t had enough mechs in his life.

Normally a civilian mining machine, engineers working at the Hero Factory have equipped a BMM-Xa4 mech with the tools necessary to combat the invading Beasts. It was originally intended for Nex, but since Nex is ‘nonexistent’ now, Evo took on the burden of piloting this thing. Due to its small size and relative expendability, it was dubbed the ‘Scout Machine’

Evo alongside the Scout Machine.

Evo piloting the Scout Machine.

Obligatory @ngram shot.
‘What is that red thing?’ you are probably wondering.

That red thing is actually a mining laser strapped onto the fourth arm of the BMM-Xa4. The appendage can move on its own, and has a single barb on it for combat when the laser is not in use. However, the left hand will need to stabilize the drill arm when in use.
Also, it’s equipped with a Goo Shooter. why Lego why

Close up of the mining laser.

The profile. The drill arm has the HF insignia painted on it.

Comparison with a Jumper Analysis Chamber.

Due to the choice of feet, it can be easily knocked over, even by a Jumper.

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For a “Scout Machine”, it sure does have a big gun. :stuck_out_tongue:


A bit basic, and a reminder of a time I didn’t like as much, but still good!

Didn’t like Hero Factory much, but this still looks cool though.

Guys this has been disassembled since months ago

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The core is crooked lol

I wanted him to look stupid.