Heroes of a distant past 2 (Toa Circino, Toa Jurioku, Toa Magara alias Savage)

Here is my interpretation of some characters who didn’t received any official set or artwork.

Toa Circino, Toa of magnetism and former wearer of Kongu’s Suletu.

I decided to make him a Toa of magnetism due to the lack of notable Toa of magnetism. For a bit of story, I imagined him being a Toa who wanted to save his Matoran friends who have been sent to Karzahni, but was killed by the guarding Manas.

A turnaround
Circino, toa of magnetism

Toa Jurioku, Toa of gravity and mentor of Norik and Varian

A turnaround

Toa Magara, alias SAVAGE

My interpretation of the dark hunter SAVAGE before he was mutated by the Hordika venom.

A turnaround
Magara, alias Savage

Stud.io files and Breakdown photos

Circino, toa of magnetism, former wearer of Kongu's suletu - Google Drive
Jurioku, mentor of Norik and Varian - Google Drive
Savage(alias Magara) - Google Drive

Custom parts links

Great Suletu Mata Style by Rothanak - Thingiverse
Bionicle Konda Sword/Ikakalaka by Scmdex90 - Thingiverse
Bionicle Toa Inika Feet Pack VNOG by Scmdex90 - Thingiverse
Mask of Distortion (JA5BFN5J9) by Galva_bot
Bionicle Onewa's Proto Piton (Movie Version) by Scmdex90 - Thingiverse
The City of Legends [MASK PACK #3] by Galva - Thingiverse
Bionicle Heroes Nuparu's Weapons Pack by Scmdex90 - Thingiverse
Bionicle Toa Nikila's Hips Armor by Scmdex90 - Thingiverse

My Stud.io Pack: Scmdex Pack - Google Drive


-Circino is a named derived from the latin word circinus, which mean compass
-Joriuku means gravity in japanese
-Magara means cave in turkish

I hope you will appreciate these models. Every constructive suggestions to enhance the models are welcome.


Ah these three Toa mocs are pretty cool. Nice color schemes and the weapons are really neat. Great job


I like how these Toa feel a little old-school, like a missing link between the Toa Mata and the older characters with Inika builds.

One thing about Magara: the empty space in the Metru torso (= his hips) looks kinda jarring. Maybe you could fill that gap somehow?


I’ll see what I can do to correct that. Thank you for your feedback. :+1:
EDIT: No result convince me with official part. I’m thinking about create a special piece to fill the gap


VNOG feet FTW!


This build has some indescribable quality that gives it a “Classic Bionicle” feel; I like it. The colour purism is a huge bonus too.

I like the concept. I haven’t seen too many people make “Toa Savage”, but this certainly fits the description, matching the few parts of his Dark Hunter design that would show up in his Toa form.



Magara has been updated. Now, the empty space in the Metru torso is filled


Looks good!


That’s really good! I like all the custom parts you’ve used. They make your MOCs stand out.


I noticed that Toa Magara has an Earth Claw as his melee weapon. Was he the Toa of Earth that originally designed it or does he just use one?


No. I already made it. You can check the dedicated topic if you are interested:

I choosed this weapon because Savage is carrying a claw, so I tought a similar weapon, but less animal, would fit him. After all, Toa hordika weapons are more animal weapon of their metru counterpart.

But I understand the confusion for the weapon. Between Onua’s weapon, Nuparu’s in Bionicle Heroes and the vortixx weapon, it is easy to get lost.


I think i heard Movie-verse Megatron from Transformers: The Last Knight calling…he is saying Circino stole his sword and Megatron wants it back.


I actually never saw this movie.
When I searched a name for him, I wanted to use a word related to magnetism in the same logic as the other toa are named (ex, pohatu meaning stone in hawaian).