Heroic Tahu

Not as old Timey as the others I’ve made in this series. But I still like the way he turned out. Looks almost super heroic with that bulky stature.




Tahu has alway been one of my least favorite to a, but gosh dang this is good. He is my favorite in this series by far!

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Because I AM HERE


My hero! (girl faints)

Ooh, this really looks heroic! One of the coolest so far!

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Also, I just really like this picture for some reason.

I think it’s the angle that it’s shot from, but wither way, it’s amazing.


Thank you! That’s my favorite as well and it’s why I titled this thread “Heroic Tahu”. I somehow managed to get him in a near perfect, almost statuesque pose.

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Looks good!
It honestly reminds me of a super buff gundam.

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This looks amazing. The name fits perfectly.

Honestly this is exactly how I imagine Tahu would look if the Toa Mata weren’t all forced to share a design. He’s the most muscular of the group.

Also, do you think you could ever do Old Timey Toa Kaita?


His shoulder area is a bit weird, but overall great work. Looks like an 80’s cartoon super hero

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Very vibrant colors and cool version of his fire sword

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Reimagining a of the mata are my favorite. Why didn’t the stars line do something cool like this?

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Because these are too cool for a set.


Really dig this design, great work. Did a great job with his torso capturing that Hero vibe.