Heroica randomizer

Hello again,

Do you enjoy Heroica? The not very new and not very complex dungeon crawler from THE LEGO GROUP… Well I thought so, then you are going to love this. For the last few hours I’ve been making up some new rules for a randomizer of the Castle Fortaan Dungeon. So if you want to take on the challenge of beating this minimally play tested probably broken randomized dungeon from a LEGO games classic then boy this is for you!

However enough rambling here is a link to the documents with the rules enjoy.(Don’t worry about not having any friends as long as you are fair to yourself and don’t fudge any rolls you can totally play this on your own: Like me).


If you want a more spicy challenge try the permadeath mode. Also to engourage engagement please if you try this post your Highscore(Number of rooms, gold, items, keys(unused) & weapons, kills and health) down below and on what difficulty mode you played(Hardcore/Normal)



These rules have really tempted to pick up a few of the sets