Hero's End

Chapter 1: The Origin
It was a normal day at the Hero Factory the heroes were across the galaxy cuffing villains new and old. But that's not what the story is all about this is one about revenge. The 2 creators of hero's decided to make a new hero one that would be stronger faster and taller. He would be named Hio but 1 hero hated the design and wanted it scrapped cause he felt like it was a threat but the hero creators said no. So the hero known as Victor Exact threatened to kill the creators if they didn't scrap Hio it was impossible to do anything but scrap the project. And Victor said if you 2 call heroes on me I will kill you so don't try anything funny. So creators carefully got Hio of the hero creation chamber and called for a team to put Hio in Makuhero city's forest but when Hio was about to be sent off 1 of the 2 creators sneaked. In a prototype infinite fuel cell that will activate in 24 hours so Hio was shortened and unmasked sent to the forest never activated until the next day were he wakes up and the last thing he remembers is being in a chamber being made then everything went black after that. So he knows he's a reject but he doesn't know why he one so Hio planned on revenge but in his current state short, weak and without a strategy so he trained and worked on his plan. Then many months of training he see's a rare creature known as the amour beast an immortal creature that is slow and bulky so Hio thought try and knock it out and take some parts to extend his legs to full hight and improved his body by folding his small arms and connected them with a double end connector and put some new shoulders and arms with some armour defending his old arms. So after 3 more months Hio had his plan and new ability's so he was take down Hero Factory Tower and end all heroes for good.

Chapter 2: Hero's Demise
So Hio reached to Makuhero city and was walking to the Hero Factory Tower and threatened to destroy the tower and all heroes inside so all the heroes came outside ready to capture Hio but he shocked them all with 1 of his best ability's. To open dimensional portals to other dimensions but of these portals were aimed in 1 dimension but were scattered across that dimension and were aligned around the Hero Factory in 1 circle of 28 portal and this was the Bionicle Dimension and hundreds of Bionicle warriors came through. To fight Hero Factory hero's while Hio called out Furno, Rocka and Stormer in their titan forms for a fight and the workers in the tower brought out everything they had. Hio was fighting 3 titan sized hero's at once and the fight was intense and yet some how Hio took down all 3 and he is smaller then them first he took down Furno and Rocka then Stormer last after that Hio tore them all apart limb from limb and showed the workers what a real hero looks like. But then Victor Exact went after Hio and tried to take him but Hio grabbed his neck and lifted him up and asked Victor why he was scrapped by the hero creators and why Victor was there Victor explained. Everything with psychotic laughter saying I hated your design you look like a traitor and I'm 1 of 30 best heroes so if I got you scrapped before completion so you must DIE so I must change into something more comfortable. So Victor changed into his villain and called himself Exact his body was shorter then and his arms were complete opposites 1 arm Blue with muscle no hand and the other arm was yellow armourless slightly shorter and long fingers. But Hio still had a grip on his neck nearly choking Exact for forcing the creators to reject him then Exact used his yellow hand on Hio's Arm to loosen the grip and to escape through his own dimensional portal and Hio followed him through the portal.

Chapter 3: End of one start of another
While the bionicle warriors has killed all the hero's and destroyed the tower, Hio went after his arch rival that caused him to be like the way he is.going through dimension after while fighting and Exact in every dimension tried to slow down Hio with his own set of ability's but Hio always caught up with Exact until they reach to 1 dimension. but Hio and Exact couldn't travel to other dimensions and in this final dimension they fought for age's until the instant freeze rain came down on both and started slowing them both down. And Hio was able to grab Exact's Neck again before they both frozen in place and the location they were fighting sunk and turned into a giant frozen lake for 3000 years. And for half of those years a war was going on the planet Magnen-6 ever since the Makuta Phantom appeared. The End
but everything will be known in the complex war story Bionicle At War

Chapter 4: Coming Soon

Finally! An HF story! I have 3 or 4, if you want to read them. Cool story! Can't wait for chapter 2! :smiley:

thanx glad I found someone that likes it and chapter 2 get's a bit darker since I called hero's end for a reason

Oh believe me! I know how dark HF can get...

ok and what is your Opinion of the character Victor Exact

Honestly, as of right now, he's my least favorite character! He just feels like an average villain, with threats and violent tendencies to match. My favorite character is Hio, as I like and have never thought of the concept of a hero who shouldn't have been created!

glad you like Hio and trust me Exact goes into more detail in chapter 2

Ok, good!

also I like to see your HF story's see if I like them

Cool stuff! In my opinion, Furno was too easily beaten, as mine would probably have destroyed Hio, or at least sent him to prison. Probably the first one :stuck_out_tongue: Good job! If you want to read one of my stories, just tell me, aka Hero Factory Archives :smiley:

ok and are you excited for Chapter 3 when it comes out

Yeah! I just put up some of my HF stories, if you'd like to read them! They're under "Hero Factory Archives" :smile: