Hervi's 5 Rules Of Good Moc Design

Yeah I know this is stupid, but I am doing it. Here are the 5 basics I think make up a good moc.

  • A Theme Throughout The Moc
    The moc should have a theme that you can see throughout the moc, to make it more cohesive or something.

  • The Weapon Should Help Represent The Character
    actually, I don’t think I need to explain this one.

  • A System For The Colors(if that makes sense)
    The colors on a moc should be broken up into 4 categories, bone base accent and metallic, I feel that a moc at most could have 6 colors before feeling way too cluttered. Each color should also have it’s own sort of texture to it.

  • Proportions
    The proportions need to actually make sense.

  • Color Balance
    This is a bit hard to explain, but I will try(again). A Bionicle Character’s limbs should be made of the same placement for the colors. For example, if a moc has the “skin” colors on the lower arm and metallic colors for it’s shoulder, then it should have metallic colors on the thighs with the “skin” colors on the lower leg. The same thing applies in an asymmetric moc. For the torso, just try to do something that fits with the style and all the colors are properly placed.

Hopefully my stupid system actually helped you(it probably won’t), if it does, I would like to see some of the new designs you create!(not that anyone cares enough about me to do anything like that)


That’s all true except for maybe some Mocs. One on my un posted moc during my mocpages days had multiple elements with different limbs and colors representing the elements.

As for the weapon it doesn’t have to be deep but yeah; it should represent the character or at least fit the theme. (rocket launcher doesn’t go with stealth.) Also backstory can explain some odd designs too like a green weapon to a red toa.


Stahp guis. You giving me too many ideas.


What do you mean by “theme”?

Agreed. But what do you mean by “metallic”?

Personally, I would be more inclined to define those categories as under-suit/body, armor, and accent.

Definitely (when it comes to standard humanoid design). That being said, I’ve seen plenty of MOCs that have pulled off exaggerated proportions very well.

I try to do this sort of thing as well.


I mean theme as in the style of armor and stuff on the guy. it wouldn’t make sense for a guy to have super long arms that are super skinny, and then have legs that are tiny and extremely thick.

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I think I see what you’re saying, makes sense.


Okay yeah, makes total sense.

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There is only only one rule: Git gud. :wink:


This is more rules for action figure or character designs, I.E I can’t build a night club with these rules.
I used night club as an example cause of color.


Sounds pretty reasonable to me.

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